“I found a love to carry more than just my secrets.” –CMV/AMV Saturday (06/16/18)

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Chi-Chi is often maligned and her relationship with Goku slandered. I won’t belabor the point (as I already did so in my Goku and Chi-Chi relationship analysis), but the two share something that is both real and wholly necessary to their character development. ❤ My favorite things about DBZ are often those that go on behind the scenes, so without further ado, I present this AMV to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” by Akemiビー.

Goku and Chi-Chi came together as children before they really knew what love was, and in coming together, the two grew together, come what may. (And so much was to come, indeed!) While it isn’t always obvious, Goku truly loves Chi-Chi in every way that he is able–dispute their differing world views and his Saiyan vices—and he doesn’t resent her take-charge nature. Rather, he admires her for her strength and backbone (cannon confirmed in dub and sub).

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So many Goku/Chi-Chi AMVs rely on still images of fan art to get their point across, but not this one. The two are dedicated to each other and so very much in love. It’s documented subtly all over the series for anyone with eyes and bit of observational prowess, and this AMV displayed that. ❤ I cannot think of a song more fitting for the pair.

I found a love to carry more than just my secrets–

to carry love, to carry children of our own.

-Ed Sheeran, Perfect

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Also, hilarious.

6 thoughts on ““I found a love to carry more than just my secrets.” –CMV/AMV Saturday (06/16/18)

  1. That was really sweet. Yeah, their relationship has a lot of problems (and I kinda flinch at the lines about kissing her because he admitted in DBS that he, apparently, never has. However possible that is, I don’t know, and that just raises a bunch of questions about their sex life.) but at the very least they’re never unable to work through them and don’t hold any ill-will towards the other, which is a damn miracle considering some of the stuff they go through. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    1. I think those lines in DBS were the writers choosing comedy over cannon since they DO kiss (and evidentially make love) in DBZ. Writers have been known to do that from time to time. (^_-) Thanks for reading! I just have a lot of feeling about this couple and I thought the AMV was pretty epic. 🙂

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      1. On the lips? I remember cheek kisses a couple of times, but not on the lips. You’re probably right about it being more about the writers just not thinking this through for the sake of comedy, though.

        You don’t need to kiss to have sex, but that seems….very weird if they didn’t. I wouldn’t think Chi-Chi would stand for that because, in spite of how she acts sometimes, she seems to initiate physical affection without hesitation. And it’s clear that she cares a great deal about romance, her childhood and teen years being a testament to that.

        I do love watching them fly around on the Flying Nimbus together. Those have always been the cutest and sweetest scenes with them, in my opinion. It reminds me of the ‘A Whole New World’ segment in Aladdin.

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      2. Aww that’s sweet. I actually like the quick glance back at Chi-Chi more than the quick little implied off-screen peck he gives her (Seriously, Toriyama? Are you allergic to drawing kissing?) Because Goku knew he’d be away from her for a year, to him anyway, and he just wanted to look at her one more time. It’s a split second gesture, but it says a lot. He may not be the most affectionate guy in the world, but little things like that make me appreciate them as a couple a bit more.

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      3. Oh, my goodness! I agree! It’s those moments that make the ship, but people have to be observant! So many people don’t see the love between them, but it’s so real. She and the kids are the most important people in his life! It’s shown in everything from his nightmare while down with the heart virus to his anguish at… well, Super spoilers, but you get what I mean.

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