Feature the Smartest Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 15)

I’m trying quite hard, my dear anime compatriots, not to overthink these prompts. It may prove impossible for me to determine, for example, who the *smartest* anime character is, but I can sure mention one or more who I know for a fact to be intelligent. Without belaboring the point, I’m terrible about favorites and quantifiables in this regard, so I’ll simply feature a character of many and hope to do them justice.


Image result for sailor mercury

Amy (aka Sailor Mercury) is of the original (inner) Sailor Moon scouts (as opposed to scouts like Pluto and Neptune), and her ice/water powers are formidable. She’s is an iconic magical girl, and she’s no slouch academically, to boot. I won’t say she’s a personal favorite character of mine, but I have nothing at all against the girl, and when I thought of intelligent characters, she came to mind. Let’s face it, the girl IS smart. She’s the sensible, studious scout. She tracks and calculates and uses the 90s tech to full advantage, magical or not.

Image result for sailor mercury with computer

In other news, have you ever wanted to pay homage to your love of Sailor M? Well, look, now you can do so in a very classic way:


Related image
Nintendo 3DS, anyone?

Who is your favorite sailor scout? Is it terrible that, even as a sparkly shoujo girl, I don’t have one?

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7 thoughts on “Feature the Smartest Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 15)

  1. Wow, that Nintendo 3DS looks seriously cool. And now the part where I admit that I have never seen a single episode of Sailor Moon (yes….I am running away in fear right now 😂😂).

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  2. I say sailor pluto and venus (mostly pluto) :D. They are my fav sailor scouts. Also shoujo dear, I’m not sure if you’ve logged in to your pay pal account, either you or husband need to log in and withdraw the money that’s been sent.

    I’ve used pay pal for other things and they’ve gone through fine. If there is some sort of issue, just cancel it. I’ll send it to you again on a later date.

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    1. I dunno why, all things considered, but I always loved the meatball head. It’s not even like I could really relate to her or anything, but as a kid, she was the one I’d pretend to be while swinging my princess wand in arcs on the front lawn.

      I got the PayPal thing taken care of; you can tell I had no idea what I was going. 😛 I honestly can’t thank you enough. You were the first person to direct me to Twitter, and you were the first person to buy me a kofi, AND you were one of the first people to follow my blog. Thank you so much!

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