“You touch my hand as colors come alive.” –CMV/AMV Saturday (06/09/18)

Rarely does one find an AMV so well constructed and in which the song and anime mesh so well as to create something that nearly moves one to tears. Everything about this AMV by Emily McNeill makes it one of the best that I’ve seen.

You may recall my musings on The Betrayal Knows My Name; in that case, I won’t elaborate much on the (highly recommended) source material. This video set to Say My Name by Within Temptation (a song/artist I’d not heard before) is perfect for giving one a taste of what the anime is about.

This song is sung by the past Yuki (who still exists within our main character) to Luka of the present.

You touch my hand; these colors come alive

in your heart and in your mind;

I cross the borders of time

leaving today behind to be with you again.

-Say My Name, Within Temptation


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