Mystic Messenger Hell (Jumin’s Route –Party Day!) *first attempt*

Dear Anime Compatriots,

It’s over. It’s over and I just…

Yeah. He was a yandere. Jumin Han was a yandere. I credit the game makers in that it incredibly well done, honestly reminiscent of Toma’s 0 to 60 transformation, so I liked it a lot, but still… wow. I did not expect that much yandere unless I reached a bad end. Though I’ve only been exposed to two thus far on my anime/otome journey, I wonder over the emotional and sociology implications of including such characters as romanceable options in otoge. It seems as though the MC must constantly be “understanding” rather than rightfully scared out of her mind, and and it makes one wonder what kind of social conditioning we have as women… I smell a potential collab post with Irina (though we already did something similar)!

Moving away from the seriousness of that contemplation, I need to play 707 now! However, I’m going to rest for a bit because I know I need more sleep and my husband looked at me like I was bonkers when I mentioned playing the next route… lol! But Seven is a hurting baby that I need to hug, and he’s also hilarious, sooo~

Apparently, Seven likes a good yandere himself if this talk of being locked up is any indication. (^_-)

Oh my gosh, I’m laughing just re-reading it. Lololol 😂

The after story really felt necessary to Jumin’s story, and it gave me the best CG of the whole~ route. Are you ready? I’m gonna share it! Prepare yourself…


I didn’t want to be so shallow, but that man is FINE, you know? Still needs help, yes, but FINE. Whew. Look at that slicked back hair! Disohdlsjeodjsldhekhsosh!!!

*deep breath*

Okay, I’m good now. Done raving. It’s just that hair, that protective posture. It’s got me like YAS PLEASE SIR.

I’m laughing at myself now and I need to stop. (〃ω〃)

Now, randomness!

;?bdvbfsgfvv. Be feernhyecr. Dgcsdjfschlxqutlj. CBC v çx. Cdvsfx

-my husband holding my cat to the phone and having her blog, calling her “a masterful speller” 😂 I love these creatures. 😂

I made sushi today for the first time and it’s ginormous! ❤ (tuna, carrot, cucumber, and soy mayo for those interested)

Well, I’m off to dream land with husband. Much love as I exit Mystic Messenger Hell,

Shoujo ❤


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