Mystic Messenger Hell (Jumin’s Route –Days 9 & 10) *first attempt*

Dear Anime Compatriots,

I cannot say this post will be spoiler free. I’m combining the posts for days 9 and 10 with my own musings, and I’ll give you fair warning that if you’re not down for potential spoilers, skip to day 11 (aka Party Day!) tomorrow.

Okay, so I had a feeling for the longest time that Rika might be kind of the head of the cult-y Mint Eye organization, and the last day or so has basically proved it (well, heavily implied, but the point remains if one reads between the lines). Now I’m suspecting that V is in on it as well. He’s been too fishy in every route to not be, and it would make since based on a few things.

Seven is in shock over seeing his lost *more spoilers* twin brother. I still don’t know any more details than this, but I’m mostly convinced that V is a member of Mint Eye along with Unknown… yet, I don’t think that V is a bad person.

Speaking of bad people…

Okay, so Jumin? Yeah. He needs psychological help. And I want to tell him so badly, but I can’t because I know that will lead me STRAIGHT to the bad end.

You just start to think things are improving (and yes, they probably are)…

…but he still needs all the help in the world, and no matter what you’ve got to tell the RFA to keep trucking on toward the good end, your MC is really not safe.

Jumin is a very WELL DONE yandere, but he’s still a yandere, and aside from a few instances, he’s lost almost all of his romantic appeal, tbh…

All in all, it’s as Zen says:

I wanna play Seven’s route right away, as Jumin’s route made his feel very appealing. I just wanna hug the poor baby, you know?

In any case, Jumin said finally something attractive again. All hope is not lost for their happily ever after I suppose (so long as Jumin gets his much needed therapy).

I cannot stress enough that I adore his character and think it was very well done, but as far as romanceable characters go…

Zen takes the cake. ;P

Ah, no. Jumin has toned down the crazy. I’ve come to find it is a trust and maturity issue with him. He needs to mature and trust that he can let go of the things he loves whilst knowing that they will chose to return to him.

He actually said several sexy somethings that weren’t at all creepy, too! They were supposed to be sexy, right? If not, I think I’m reading this wrong. Lol

Were also gonna pretend I wasn’t shook when I saw Jumin’s new icon. Lol

Anyway, it looks like I survived all the branching off points! One more chat left in day 10, and then good ending tomorrow, here I come! Sweet Husband is exhausted from bowfishing today with his dad, so he’s already adorably, quietly snoring beside me (which he seems to do a LOT more of when he’s particularly exhausted). I think I’ll cuddle up and join him in dream land (though I’ll be woken up again in less than an hour, lol).

Until I write again, I hope everyone is doing lovely. I have so many comments to respond to from all of you and so many blog posts to read when I recover my life and sleep patterns!! Yay!!

But I’m also back in school now and have massive homework. Boo. D:

In any case, it’s been a ride. Let’s kick it at that party tomorrow and watch what Jumin has planned for a meddlesome duo…


Update: Husband just snored himself awake. Cute level maximized!! 💕 💕 💕

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