Mystic Messenger Hell (Jumin’s Route –Day 8) *first attempt*

Dear Anime Compatriots,

When a cat is the only thing that’s stopping your leading man from going full-yandere mode on your MC…

I can’t say much from today I because I need to try and avoid massive spoilers, but…

Jumin is getting really creepy when he accidentally let’s things slip about how the MC “couldn’t leave if she wanted” and such. When the MC questions him, he briskly changes the topic. The whole thing… yanderes are not romantic; they’re deeply disconcerting.

Yes, I’m so~ sure this was a joke, Jumin:

I feel the same, Zen. Truly:

And, as the day has progressed… Zen at least has common sense. On this note, more advice for Jumin’s route:

  • Pets are a life-long dedication.
  • You want to go home, but you want to make sure Jumin is okay first.
  • No matter how scared you are, you can’t tell the RFA. You have to be “understanding.”

I’m getting serious Toma vibes here, and I just finished ranting to husband about the last point above. He has no idea why I play this game, lol.

Blow might have been the only… okay, frankly the words were sexy! Judge me not!

But yeah, super creepy besides that.

And Seven is also hilarious.

Well, I’m off to sleep for an hour! There were THREE possible bad endings today. THREE! I’m lucky I survived!


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