Mystic Messenger Hell (Jumin’s Route –Day 7) *first attempt*

Dear Anime Compatriots,

Before I go anywhere with today’s commentary, I offer advice for Jumin’s route:

1. Elizabeth the 3rd is a treasure. Recognize that fact.

2. Jumin has emotions just like everyone else. Defend him, but help him recognize those emotions in a calm, collected way.

3. It is okay (and you are encouraged!) to express your concern. It is NOT okay to lash out at other people because of it.

4. You are NOT a gold digger, nor are you all about his fame. Don’t act like one, and don’t accuse someone else of being one either, even if it’s true. You’re above that.

5. Maintain dignity in your relationships and understand that lusting after someone’s body is beneath you. (This will happen quite a bit with Zen. Don’t be a Jaehee, even if you ship Zenhee in this route.)


I hope that helps some of you! (*^_^*)b

Anyway, the day (SO EARLY!) started off intense with a return of Zen’s prophetic dreams. We even have a throwback to another (*cough cough Zen’s cough cough*) route in there!

The game beaches early on this morning, and I was a tad nervous, but…

…everything worked out! Phew! I saved shortly after this again so that if I need to make a second attempt, I can begin on day 7!

Jumin is beginning to explore new areas of emotion. I mean, I guess he’s never had cause to be envious before.

And do you remember that early visual novel potion with the tie?? (^_-)

Jumin’s getting wise to Sarah and Glam, and he’s starting to take precautions, beginning with his maid situation…

I’ll be back with more in a bit!

Oh… oh, my gosh.

Jumin, he…


And, and now his strange behavior all makes sense!! Everything he was doing that seemed so harmless has taken on a new light! And I bet you ANYTHING that he does yandere in the MC in one of the bad endings!! (No spoilers, please.)

Gah. Ah. I gotta calm down now. Gah.

Anyway, what does *this* below mean for our Jumin?? Did he have feelings for Rika, too?? I thought V have him the cat?!

Djlsbel! So much to learn and see! I’ll check back later!

Now that we know about Jumin’s yandere-ness, I’d like to add another piece of advice to the list.

7. Be careful what you wish for! You don’t want to be locked up, or obsessed over!

Also, Zen is defending Jaehee, and that makes me happy. (^-^)v

I’m learning all about yandere psychology and about Jumin’s tangled threads.

I’m laughing at Seven’s description of Jumin…

…and, get this… It’s almost time to meet Jumin! Here’s hoping that this text is not indicative that Jumin will turn…in… ALL of his attention toward my MC…

So, believe it or not, Husband and I are seeing Solo this afternoon, and the timing will just work out that I don’t miss any chats! Hopefully, when we finish the movie, I’ll get to go visit Jumin!! Toodles for now!

So, Solo was good. Better than The last Jedi, but not of Rogue One caliber. Also, in seven minutes or so, I’m off to visit Jumin Han!

Jaehee called it like she sees it; she isn’t wrong.

I forgot how much I love these last several days; they are what make losing so much sleep worth it! ❤

Ah! It’s time! Catch ya later!

Just… ah. So much has happened. It’s almost midnight so I’ll explain tomorrow.

Love, peace, geese,

Shoujo ❤

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