Mystic Messenger Hell (Deep Route –Day 4) *first attempt* -Jumin-

Dear Anime Compatriots,

I am afraid that I’ve made a critical error; in the time that’s passed since my last playthrough, I had forgotten that it IS possible to earn negative hearts, though I don’t think this applies in the common/deep route. More importantly, I’ve been purposely missing out on everyone’s hearts but Jumin’s, and while one guide told me to go that, the other just said to avoid 707’s, and I feel like that’s half the problem with Mystic Messenger, tbh. There’s a total lack of unified game-beating theory/advice available online. Hopefully I don’t miss the character route turning point tonight (because, if I do, there ends my first attempt at Jumin Han!). That means I lost all this sleep for nothing…

I’ve been much more tired during this playthrough than the other two, but I’m chalking that up to lingering work exhaustion. My head has been hurting, too, from looking at this bright screen in the middle of the night/ early morning so much without letting my eyes adjust. I’ve only just woken up, but I’m going to head off the phone until my next chat because the headache is building. Ttys!!

It’s almost noon now, and I’ve been hard at work trying to center my life. I’m putting off some phone calls, yes, but I’ve started deep cleaning the house, and I made a really nice dinner last night with leftovers that recently became my lunch! (Broccoli and baked a stroganoff, yum yum!) I forgot how therapeutic making a nice dinner can be. Even if it takes a long time, it can be quite relaxing if your schedule allows it! (Now I sound like Yoosung! Lol)

In game-related news, Jumin’s tune is starting to change. At the beginning, he was very “You can ask me one question but don’t you dare waste my time.” Now he’s more, well…

If that’s not tellingly transformative, then I don’t know what is.

I’m also starting to really appreciate some of Jumin’s world views. We share similar ideas about sexual exhibitionism and also about environmental protection! I’m actually all about environmental protection (in case I’ve never mentioned it, and I doubt I would have), so I’m tickled by this new revelation.

The drama-but-also-not-drama/complicated relationship between Jumin and Mr. Chairman also casts Jumin into more of a “misunderstood” kind of light, so that makes him sympathetic as well.

I’m not gonna lie, I read the picture below and did a little whistle in my head ;P

Isn’t the following just sad? Poor Jumin.

Red alert 🚨 red alert 🚨 707 is sincere Catholic—THIS IS NOT A DRILL! 💕

Also, this:

*fans self* Well, that’s it; I’m a goner. 💕 ❤️ *swoon* I can almost hear Husband in the background: “wHo is JuMin Han??” Lolol 😂 😂 😂

I’m beginning to glean such new information at a more rapid clip, and I’m excited! I just hope I earn his route!!

I’m off for now to clean, but I’ll update later! Before I go, I leave you with this numerous email reply option:

I should really be unloading the dishwasher rather than sitting on the couch in my (mostly) clean living room, watching Deebs (the adorable, smol robot vacuum we got from Husband’s family for Christmas) go to town on the floors and listening to Tim McGraw…

It occurs to me that this living room is so very Husband and I… the eclectic assortment of styles truly does blend, but one wouldn’t think it \should\ looking at the object separately and at first glance… But that’s a story for another day! This is supposed to be about MysMess, right?

RIGHT! So on we go!


Ha ha ha.


I stopped there for the day. I didn’t end up adding any more. I apologize. In repentance, here is a photo of my cat.

In the time since then, the RFA and I have been through a lot. Everything from Zen speculating on Seven’s past…

…to Seven expressing his opinions on Donald Trump. (Sorry, not sorry.)

As it WAS the fourth day, it was about time for some of Unknown’s shenanigans again. This was my first indication that the end of the deep route was nigh.

And I know what the following is about now (thanks to cosplayers at AX2017 who gave me accidental spoilers), so this is just… sad. (Please, no spoilers!!)

Lastly, I GOT JUMIN’S ROUTE!! I was so excited, but quite nervous that I’d made a mistake somewhere along the way. Here’s to day 5 and the start of Jumin Han’s story!

Until I post later today…

~Shoujo ❤


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