Mystic Messenger Hell (Deep Route –Day 3) *first attempt* -Jumin-

Dear Anime Compatriots,

That bolding of font was accidental, but I’m tired, so it’s staying that way…

I was almost asleep. I was going to sleep, alarms be darned, and planning on waking up as I had to, yes, but going to sleep because I. AM. SO. TIRED…

But then I remembered that, while I was responsible and set tomorrow’s alarms, I was irresponsible and didn’t write up my blog post throughout the day. Oops! ^^

I have a good deal of serious speculations and game advice to report, but o truly doubt (oops, another typo) my coherency at this point to relay them appropriately, so I’ll summarize today’s gameplay with a picture montage and get down to the serious stuff tomorrow.

Zen speaks to everyone’s deepest fear. Preach, Zen:

707 gets super depressing on me <\3 :

Jumin’s thoughts on exibitionism (sp? is too tired to look up spelling?) are as one may expect:

🎶One of these things is not like the other…🎶:

The juxtaposition of this image and text is incredibly revealing for a simple social media status:

Brother cat, huh?

Zen is skeptical of Jumin’s passion? My MC is gonna fix that, yes sir:

We all know Seven doesn’t REALLY mean that; well, at least not in the route I’m gunning for ;P


And last but not least, Jumin speaks more truth. This is startlingly accurate:

I’m sorry the post lacked today, but I’m so tired that I’m depending on autocorrect to save me right now. Until tomorrow when I can get more serious!

~Shoujothoughts ❤

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