Mystic Messenger Hell (Deep Route –Day 2) *first attempt* -Jumin-

Dear Anime Compatriots,

Today, I semi-permanently died the tips of my brown hair a deep purple.

About this, I am quite thrilled.

It will last between 8 and 15 washings.

Now, onto the feature presentation.

As I discovered last night, Jaehee gives great game advice.

Getting Jumin’s route has required me to be quite rude to the other RFA members on a number of occasions, and even knowing that they are fictional, it makes me feel badly! 😛 I still like Jumin and I can’t wait to learn more about his character, but it would a lie to say he’s not kinda, well… I’ll let Zen say it!

I also can’t help but wonder if V (or Rika? But probably V? MAYBE ZEN?!) have Jumin his dear Elizabeth.

I got my first look at “Unknown” last night. Well, my first look for this route, that is. Of course, it went about as well as one might expect. “Party of paradise,” yes, because that sounds like paradise and a party rather than at all disturbing or creepy…

Seven showed us his sweet side, and unintentionally let us in on a little secret…

Jaehee and Zen spoke truth. I mean, you saw who America voted for, right??

Jumin says what’s on everyone’s minds as they endure this MysMess Hell:

Lastly, I am SO HAPPY THIS CONVERSATION FINALLY HAPPENED! Lol! Now I get the “Does Jumin Han is gay?” reference!! (*´∇`*)b

I am going to go participate in another chat, set a few more alarms, and decidedly NOT stay up until midnight. I’ll just wake up as needed; I don’t think I can keep my eyes open at a stretch. (Thank goodness I’m not working right now!)

Tomorrow is church, of course, but not just any service! My second cousin is getting baptized (it’s a very last minute thing), so I might be spending some time in the bathroom or my car to get a chat or two done. ;P

I’ll leave you with this final glorious (and hilarious) image:

Until tomorrow,

Shoujo ❤

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