Mystic Messenger Hell Returns Tomorrow (Deep Route– Jumin Han)

*Incomprehensible screeching*

Image result for anime excited scream

*more screeching*



Well, dear readers, I once more descend into Mystic Messenger Hell!!! It has been over a year since I’ve had the uninterrupted time necessary to play a route, and I’ve been waiting impatiently for a similar length of time to renew my undertaking! (If you are new to MysMess Hell, please click through to here for an explanation. You can also find a breakdown of the Hell by route here.)

So, this is just a brief notice that I’ll be blogging for the next eleven days on JUMIN HAN’S ROUTE ❤ ❤ <3!! Jumin is my favorite, and I’m so excited to see what lies in store. You may have noticed that, yes, I’m skipping Jaehee for now, but I have waited so long to play this again that I honestly don’t care. I’m not interested in playing BFF-with-maybe-flirty-undertones, and I can always come back to her route as necessary. No, this one is ALL Jumin…

Sweet, sweet, ridiculous, Elizabeth-loving Jumin.

There’s nothing like a man who loves cats. [And, as Husband is one, I can attest. (^_-)]

I’m not going to lie; because of the great time dedication, I MAY use a guide as necessary while I undertake the deep route. We shall see. I’ll do what I must. ❤ JUMIN IS GOING TO BE SO SMITTEN WITH MY MC. I JUST KNOW IT.

In any case, I’m off to set alarms! Any posts occurring during this route of MysMess Hell are already scheduled, and aside from that, all my time is hereby dedicated to play. See you tomorrow with a MyMess update!



2 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger Hell Returns Tomorrow (Deep Route– Jumin Han)

  1. Nice! Jumin was my favorite too, and its actually a good idea to do Jumin’s route first prior to Jaehee’s. Enjoy his deep route, hopefully you’ll get converted into the Jumin cult! ^_^ fufufu xD


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