Feature a Boring Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 13)

What does it say about my life and blog choices that I entirely forgot that I was participating in this challenge back in October? Honestly, I only just now realized that I had dropped it entirely by mistake! Though unconsciously done, it simply will not do to quit on my dedicated course, anime compatriots, so “guess who’s back with a brand new rap?” (Or challenge. Whatever, Eminem.)

This challenge entry will prove quite short, as who wants to read much about a boring character?


Image result for melissa kamigami no asobi

Say what you want about this little guy from from Kamigami no Asobi (reviewed briefly and very early in my blogging hobby here), but not only is his name throwing me off, he’s also pretty boring. Yes, I’m well aware that he has some larger purpose within the actual otome game upon which the anime title is based, but within the anime, he’s just this puppet that doesn’t contribute much to the overall plot. He is what he is, but what he is in the grand scheme of things isn’t much as it relates to story or characterization…

What else is there to say? Though it’s been a long while since I’ve viewed the title, he annoys me, and he bores me.

And now I feel mean for saying that! 😛 Have you seen Kamigami no Asobi? What do you think of Melissa? Let me know, if you would, in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Feature a Boring Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 13)

  1. I know how it feels to forget about an Anime blog challenge. I’ve been “doing” the 30 Day Anime Challenge for almost 2 years now and still have like 13 left to do…

    I haven’t seen this specific show, but I’ve seen a fair amount of similar characters from other shows, so I totally get why you’d pick them!

    Looking forward to more of these!

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