Monastery Bells — Iba Hachiro entry for the Otoge Hanami Project

Quite the interesting project is afoot under the watchful eyes of Mel and Pita, and I have been fortunate to participate! Otoge Hanami is a coming together artists and writers who are fans of otome and looking for a place to collectively express that love!

otoge hanami

Submissions are coming in even as I type, it seems, and my own has just gone live. As that is the case, I’d like to post a link here and direct you toward both my work and that of others! If you like otome and fan creation, it is the place to be!

Image result for hachiro iba hakuouki CG

If anything, Chizuru is devilwood, not a simpering chabana.

Monastery Bells

Find my entry here!



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