“I’m prisoner in paradise.” — CMV/AMV Saturday (04/21/18)

I don’t know how I managed to hold out publishing this post for a whole week, but…

Cosplay CV SKip Beat logo.png

One of the strangest, most intensely produced, most majestic cosplay MVs that I’ve seen is on offer this Saturday; get ready to become a prisoner in paradise with 慕容輝‘s (Murong Hui’s) video:

Yes, the 240p quality of this video leaves a LOT to be desired, and I’m positively salivating for a higher resolution, but still… the production value of this is tremendous. The strange live action/claymation feel combined with the fact that they staged it as though he TRULY WAS Fuwa Sho putting out his music video rather than a cosplayer PRETENDING to be Fuwa Sho and putting out a CMV… ❤ And who doesn’t adore Skip Beat as a pinnacle of the shoujo genre?? This production surely did it justice!!

There has always been something about the song Prisoner, as well as that arc in the Skip Beat! anime/manga, that resonated with me. I love the resulting character development between Kyoko and Sho; I love how it makes Ren see Kyoko in a new light. I love everything about it, and now I love this CV.

Ubawareta no wa
Kono hitomi dake janai
Kiken ni junsu sa
Boku de sae moteamashite ita
Jikan to kokoro
Dake ni natte
Mayoikomu maze
Kimi wo yobu koe wa
Itoshisa afureru hodo
Kanashiku hibiku yo

My eyes are not the only things you’ve stolen;
your dangerous purity is more than even I can handle.
I’ve become lost without realizing it
in this maze that exsists in my heart.
My voice overflows with my love for you!
It echos sadly…

-Prisoner, Mamoru Miyano & Mai Kusugiyamu


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As always, please give love to the content creators that you enjoy and tell them that Shoujo sent you! ❤ I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend; I’ll just be over here working on my cosplay and geeking out over Skip Beat! 🙂 Don’t forget to check back next Saturday!
Cosplay CV prisoner logo.png



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