Cosplay Updates~~ 1950s Gender-Bent Yuuri Katsuki

You may remember that I’ve planned a very specific cosplay for Anime STL (as well as any other cons I pick up this season). The deadline for creation draws ever nearer, and I’m getting antsy as the bulk of my work still lies ahead as my RL job gets ever more demanding…

To begin, the pattern came in today for my poodle skirt. I had attempted to find said pattern locally in my size, but no dice. 🎲 Now that this is settled, I’ll soon be buying a crinoline online (or making one, but that might be just asking for extra work… but also fluffier?!) After the skirt is assembled (hopefully this weekend!?), I’ll need to create a perfectly YOI poodle as an accent. My biggest hurdles now are:

  • choosing a skirt color
  • darkening/styling my hair

Regarding the first, I was thinking that a deep blue would be my best choice to compliment the dark athletic/under armor shirt and stay within the confines of Yuri’s personality. It corresponds beautifully to his pair skate costume, as well, and so…

Yeah, in elaborating on my thought process, that decision came easier than I thought. So, yes. Deep blue. Now to find the perfect fabric. *nervous face*

My hair was always destined to be in a straightened ponytail with a few gelled pieces falling forward into my eyes, but my own hair is a medium brown, and it doesn’t feel dark enough.

[art by Gearous]

While I can have my photo-shop savvy friend darken my hair in post for pictures, I’m considering using a hair mascara to streak black into my brown and darken it up… but then it might stain my Victor jacket. I’m at a bit of a loss, actually; what do you think, anime compatriots? Should I just leave my hair the brown that it is, or should I attempt the hair mascara? There is also the option of wearing my hair in a bun and preventing color rub off… or, again, I could leave it brown.

OH NO! I still have to get more business cards made!! It might be too late!!

Well, I’m off to panic about that and see if I need to/can order them tonight!



Here are some sneak peeks of my accumulated items!


I just ordered the cards. They should be in on time! ヽ(*^ω^*)ノ


5 thoughts on “Cosplay Updates~~ 1950s Gender-Bent Yuuri Katsuki

      1. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find it in black. It seems to only come in less traditional (abet awesome) colors. I also worry that it would ruin my jacket, but I *could* just do a bun… In any case, moot point.


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