“Keeping Up with the Dancing Wind” — CMV/AMV Saturday (04/07/18)

Have you ever wanted to see someone (or a group of someones for that matter) summarize the second season of Hakuouki (Hakuouki Hekketsuroku) in dance? Well, now you get to see it. I, for one, am just dead. I love it so much. Why do I love it so much?

This feature is published on the account kiyafd3s, but I honestly can’t read a word of the caption, so please click through to see proper credit given…


I don’t… I didn’t even know that people did things like this. I am just in awe over here. And it truly DOES take you through every part of the series, though you’d not know it in entirety if you weren’t overtly and specifically familiar with the work (read: watched the anime rather than just playing the games). And HOW MANY CHARACTERS CAN YOU SPOT?? I’m just… I’m so done. I’m overcome. Oh, my goodness. I love it so much. ❤ HOW AM I NOT ACTUALLY SCREAMING!? I’M SO GLAD MY HUSBAND IS NOT IN THIS ROOM OR HE WOULD MAKE FUN OF ME FOR THE EXPRESSION I KNOW MUST BE ON MY FACE. r;uigha;wiugh;awouvijdvkdgjs;rghlnaew’gojq:AWngvds;jbg’wktgbjwe/gbokstygqierh’q35ng




I can’t even objectivly talk about the different aspects of the performance (like their kick butt dance moves!!) because I loved it too much to be coherent. But that’s okay; I’ve given up on that and on this post having any semblance of cohesion. I’m just going to watch this 10 more times and then talk myself out of buying a PS4 AGAIN mostly to play Hakuouki on that as well…

Because I’m far too responsible for that, you know?

Also, if I ever saw a high-quality, male Shiranui cosplayer at a con, I might actually die. Like, RIP me. Lived into her twenties, died fangirl-ing.

Ikusen no mirai yori mo 
Isshun no ima wo tsuyoku ikitai 
Naraku no hotori de sae mo 
Kakete yukeru Anata to nara 
Mau kaze no gotoku

Rather than having a future that lasts for eternity 
In this one moment, strongly, I want to live. 
Even at the ends of the underworld 
I run right through, if I’m with you 
Keeping up with the dancing wind

-Mai Kaze, Yoshioka Aika & Moriyoshi Riko

Image result for hakuouki gif

Check back next week for another CMV/AMV Saturday (which are usually more put together than this fangirl mess)! Please let your content creators know if you like their work, and tell them Shoujo sent you. ヾ(*’▽’*)

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