“This sounds so much like click bait.” (Or, “You Can Watch Hakuouki: SSL Legally, Online, and for Free”)

Disclaimer: I’m all about supporting the official release where applicable, but there ARE occasions when to do so as a western viewer is ACTUALLY impossible…

To my knowledge at the time of my initial viewership, there was nowhere one could legally watch what I’m about to share with you; if I knew that there was, I would’ve been the first in line to support this particular franchise. In fact, I would even now buy a DVD with English subs outright even if it was particularly expensive, because I love the series that much, but…

That isn’t an option for western, English-speaking audiences.

I went around and around and AROUND about whether or not to make a post on the subject of my attention and link to the content, because the very absolute LAST thing I wanted to do is draw actionable attention to the object of my viewership and risk it being flagged (thus, taken down). Then no one would have recourse! However, I know that many people would—like I so very much did—enjoy watching the media and currently have no knowledge of how to do so. I did not for such a long time, and I understand that frustration…

But then I found what I truly believe is a legal stream of the necessary videos, and thus I don’t have to disclose my initial illegal source, people can legally watch the live action Hakuouki: Sweet School Life, and everyone wins.

Yes, you got that right.

Image result for Hakuouki SSL

It’s time for some “Hakuouki: SSL!!!”

I myself am incredibly excited to have found a legal option and can’t wait to see what other JDrama offerings they have!

Click the link below (oh, my gosh, this sounds SO much like click bait) to view!


Image result for hakuouki SSL live action

I think I might just have to go rewatch this now…

What do you think of Hakuouki: SSL? Let me know below! (^^)b


12 thoughts on ““This sounds so much like click bait.” (Or, “You Can Watch Hakuouki: SSL Legally, Online, and for Free”)

  1. I have never seen a j-drama but maybe I should after reading how enthusiastically you write this. I was recommended this site for k-drama by an avid watcher of said genre and he is a very law abiding citizen so it’s safe to say it’s legal.

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  2. Yeah, I’m currently in this same sort of mode when it comes to watching something that hasn’t been brought over to the States in a legal way too. It’a hard..

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    1. Example: Black Butler ~Book of Atlantic~ is a movie that I would buy without hesitation after the dub is released, but how many years have we been waiting now? I know that Funi is probably trying, but… we know the dub is finished, so… maybe they’re getting the run around? I dunno when it comes to these things.

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      1. There have been times when funimation dubbed something, then the program l original creator didn’t like it, so they had to go it again. That made the disc release very late…


    1. Hi, Nick. I’ll direct you if I can; what movie are you talking about? I only know of “Wild Dance of Kyoto” and “Warrior Spirit of the Blue Sky.”


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