“1950s Gender-bent Yuri Katsuki Cosplay” (Or, “Plans for the 2018 Convention/Cosplay Season”)

It’s that time again, Anime Compatriots. We have officially hit… bum bum bum…


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Last year, I hit up my FIRST EVER CON with Chronic and another anime compatriot; we decided to go big or go home when we flew out to Cali for the first time to attend Anime Expo 2017! (Not bad for someone who’d only been watching anime for a year and a half, right? Well, whatcha gonna do when you fall in love…? Anyway…)

It was an absolutely amazing experience, but rather expensive when one considers that we were paying for hotels, ubers, AIRFARE (ew)… Originally, this year, Chronic and I had planned to attend two smaller cons that—for us—fall closer to home, saving on cost of transportation: Anime Central and Anime STL.

Anime Central didn’t pan out for a number of reasons, most of them to do with timing and finances (*sigh*), but Anime STL is around the corner, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to this path! I even applied for a press pass, and the lovely chair emailed me back a special discount code on our tickets!

So, as of this moment, my plans only include Anime STL, but we’ll see where the season takes us, yes?

And now, on to cosplay plans…

Oh, Anime Compatroits, I’m so in love with this idea, and I’ve compiled most of my materials, though I’ve been keeping my plans under wraps…

I introduce to you to the idea that popped into my head one day and then just wouldn’t leave me alone…

1950s Gender Bent Yuri Katsuki Cosplay!

Now, all you’ll see are sketches, yes, but the pieces are already assembled or in the works!

I have “Victor’s letterman jacket,” I have GOLDEN tennis shoes, I have a feminine version of  Yuuri glasses (thought I might swap them out?) and the proper Yuuri-eqsue athletic shirt… Now, all I need to do is select materials for and make the Vicchan/Makkachin poodle skirt, which is even within my skill level!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I haven’t googled it, but I’ve never seen anyone do this before (though they probably have and if not, YAY!!).

Check back for updates on how my cosplay is coming along, and I’ll keep you posted! In the mean time, Chronic is here for anime day, and I need to go use a heating pad on my back, so keep on keeping on and I’ll talk to you later!

Me: Anything you want to say to the audience?

Chronic: *chuckling* No-ho~


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