“Tell me where you are so I can stop and take a breath.”–CMV/AMV Saturday (03/22/18)

No, you’re not wrong; it’s not Saturday, but I couldn’t wait to implement this new concept for the blog, so…

Welcome to a new feature! In addition to Fanfiction Friday, I’ve decided on a whim to implement a new segment that I think will prove to be quite entertaining; CMV/AMV Saturday will focus on highlighting great amateur music video productions inspired by equally great anime series. Each video will be accompanied by a brief explanation of wherein I believe the video finds its merit.

I think that this feature proves a great opportunity to discover new anime series, cosplayers, and musical artists as well. (^^)

This week, as the first feature of many I’m working on at this very moment, I couldn’t help but select… this piece by Panta Na Xamogelas.

Yes, it’s Hakuouki-inspired, but don’t turn away in dismissal of my ultimate anime obsession! That’s not why I picked it as my first feature, honest. Rather, I had intended for next week’s pick to be the first, but upon stumbling upon this for a second time, I knew I couldn’t select anything other. ❤

Firstly, I’d never heard this song before watching the video on a whim during an afternoon of cleaning a few weeks ago, but the song “Soldier” by Samantha Jade comes across as a fairly believable depiction of Chizuru’s thought processes as a woman plunged into a life of conflict that she never imagined; I feel like Chizuru’s take on the lyrics would be crying out for her chosen Shinsengumi warriors to be her soldiers (as selfish and OOC as her asking someone to “fight for” her and “die for” her SEEMS) because she desperately doesn’t want to lose them. If this seemingly selfish request to prioritize her is what it takes to ultimately keep them alive, well then… she’ll be uncharacteristically selfish. She doesn’t actually want them to die for her, but the suggestion is that she is begging for possession of their very lives that she might keep them alive that much longer.

Yes, she will ask, live for me through this time of blood and conflict—stay alive so that you can give yourself to me.

The video itself is immaculately timed; each clip begins and ends at the seemingly ideal moment. The flow is cleanly edited and each transition is smooth. The only criticism that I have is that the video clips are not always of the highest quality (though the ones from the movies are lovely). This, however, cannot always be helped.

“Wanna see inside your head
What’s going on in there?
Tell me where you are
So I can stop and take a breath
Cause nothing’s making sense
I don’t want this to end
Come and get me out of this mess”

-Soldier, Samantha Jade

Check back next week for another CMV/AMV Saturday! Please let your content creators know if you like their work, and tell them Shoujo sent you. ヾ(*’▽’*)

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