“Not perpetuating that as a rumor, no sir.” –I’ve been nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD <3


(And look at how scrunched that text is on mobile view. You’re welcome, readers. (^_−)☆)

I was nominated for a few award posts some time ago, and if said nominators are reading this, I’d just like to say that I’m sorry. I fully intended to respond to these posts, and yet… I was incredibly busy, stressed out, anxious (but that’s always), and I’d lost my writing bug completely. Now that I’m up to writing again and have the necessary time, I need to go back and see if I can find those nominations again. If I can, I’ll try and respond, but if I cannot, please know that I honestly appreciate your kindness in thinking of me. ❤

Moving on from that, Zainou from This Title is (Not) Acceptable nominated me for this award. With a tag line that reads, “I write about whatever,” this Canadian blogger is new to me, but in my precursory blog exploration, I see that they really like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, so automatically, we have that in common! They’re also undertaking the 30 Day Anime Challenge!

As per instruction, I am going to answer 11 questions from Zainou and then nominate eleven (or, in my case, simply several) other bloggers (and a YouTuber!) to respond to my own questions. And they will be fire (aka, really strange), my friends, of this have no doubt. (^_−)☆

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Zainou’s Questions:

  • If you could change/ make one law what would it be?

Hmm, I thought this would be hard, but now I’m thinking… only one? Can they be policies in general? I’m no political scientist, mind you, so I am going to be quite general about this, but gun laws. GIVE US MORE GUN CONTROL. As a United States citizen, I am absolutely disgusted by the lack of firearm control and by the NRA. No human being in this country should need more than a hunting rifle. Can we please get our laws caught up with the those of world nations that actually care about their citizenry?? Please?? Also, we need campaign finance reform. Also, FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE (I’m shouting for the people in the back)!! Basically, we need to weed out corruption and start taking better care of each other.

Done now. ❤

  • If you could eat one thing forever and never get sick of it, what would it be?

Ranch dressing! No, I’m kidding. (Because I could already do that, probably.) I’m one of those strange people that gets stuck on a food and then loves the life out of it until I move on to the next new culinary delight. (I used to love pancakes, for example, as a child, but then I stopped loving pancakes and didn’t eat them for years. Now I enjoy them, but I’m not all-consumed by their excellence.) I do, however, appreciate this what is natural for me progression, and thus don’t really wish that I could eat any one thing and of it never get sick.

Image result
taken from Genius Kitchen

But if you’re interested in my favorite foods at this moment, they would have to be… beef stew/pot roast with potatoes and carrots*, garden salads, chicken alfredo, shrimp pasta, and fried catfish! ❤

*especially if sweet, sweet Husband (who works from home) puts it in the crock pot in the moring after I leave and it’s ready when I get home from work!! Nom<3 He made it for me on St. Valentine’s Day. (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

  • If you could live a life of immortality would you?

No. I believe that, as Vic Mignogna so aptly sings, “The time is coming when I’ll be with my Jesus, but for now I’m far from home.” Well, perhaps that’s not entirely true, because I am indeed also home here with my family, my husband, my kitty cat… but I know that, when all of this is gone, that death will feel like closing my eyes, only to open them to Heaven.

It hurts me to think on—because I love the people in my life so very much—but there I will be once more among loved ones lost along life’s journey (and I will be waiting patiently in unimaginable joy and peace for those living on). I am a Christian, and while I don’t rush to my death by any means, my faith is an incredible comfort. If anyone ever wants to talk about faith and life—or if you have questions about my own views— you can reach out and I’ll be here! I think that a lot of people have inaccurate views of what being a Christian is, or what it should beI believe that Love is the answer.

A conversation between a man and God’s voice in his heart, this is what being a Christian looks like to me… “If you love Me, love them, too. Let them see My face in you.”

  • If you had 1 billion dollars (or whatever your currency is) what would you do?

I would get my financially-savvy husband invest it properly, or find someone who could help him do so. My family and I would no longer have to work, of course, but I (and they, if I could help it), would still live modestly (abet comfortably and with some upgraded cosplay, hehe). I’d give lots and lots of money to good causes and charities that I’d thoughtfully looked into, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s research among others. I’d do what I could to help other people, especially the homeless, and maybe go on vacation more often. ❤

  • If you could bring one character from a fictional work into real life who would it be?

No one. I think fictional characters should stay fictional. Am I boring? Perhaps, but they have their own fascinating worlds to inhabit, and we have ours.

  • If you could have dinner, or a coffee, or whatever with any real person (a director, and author, an actor etc.) who would it be?

Image result for vic mignogna

Vic Mignogna. For sure. I would have said this even if I hadn’t mentioned him just a moment ago. I was first introduced to Mr. Mignogna when I watched Ouran High School Host Club (and started the journey that rapidly became this blog). I quickly began to identify him in subsequent titles, each time becoming more and more impressed with his work and the personality he brought into each role. When I took a deeper plunge into the anime community, I learned more about him as a person, and about how he shares my beliefs and wants to share Christ with the world through love rather than fear… Quite simply, he’s my role model.

  • If you had infinite resources to fund someone to make a piece of media for you (movie, anime, tv series, video game etc.) what would that project be?

If someone could create a reboot of Hakuouki set from long before the prequel to long after the movie ending (I say this because of who lives, but can’t say more because of spoilers), that would be amazing!! There is so much more historical content; I want all the daily details. ❤

Image result for hakuouki

It would need to maintain all the original charm, humor, emotion, art style, and voice actors, but if we could have it last as long as, say, Naruto… that. That’s the answer. Also, if it could have the effects and animation of the movies. ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

(Also, please make more Skip Beat. Thank you.)

  • What’s the best thing you’ve ever written?

Do you mean as a blogger, or in general? Um, well… as a blogger, my “Victor’s Blush Means Everything” post has been my most popular, and it still gets views daily. I’m not sure if that means it’s my best post, but that’s hard for me to decide for myself. I’m quite proud of it, though. I’m also rather proud of my post on bishounen classification within the reverse harem sub-genre, “Reverse Harem in Retrospect: Your Posse in Effect.

In my personal life, I’ve written some poems that I’m pretty darn proud of. They’re just a bit too much to share on the blog, is all.

  • If you could have one skill you don’t currently have, what would it be?

I would like to have more drawing skill. I’m not bad at drawing, and I produced some pretty awesome paintings in High School, but I’m a far better writer than artist, and I learned that when I was 16.

  • What’s something you could watch endlessly and never get bored of?

Haha! Hakuouki. Next Question. ❤

  • Who’s your favourite director (anime or film)?

Haha, so as terrible as it is… I don’t know much about anime and film directors. Maybe Joss Whedon, because of Firefly, Doll House, and the Marvel movies. Didn’t he have some sort of scandal, though? There have been so many that I’m not quite sure I remember anymore. Maybe I’m wrong. *goes to Google* Nope, I think I’m wrong. Not perpetuating that as a rumor, no sir.

Image result for firefly
taken from Hulu.com

Now it’s my turn to ask questions and to nominate bloggers! I’m only going to nominate a few, because eleven seems like a lot to me… Just ignore this if you’re busy, guys! ❤

Lethargic Ramblings (Leth) ❤ Archi-Anime (Hazelyn) ❤ Fujinsei (Arria) ❤ I Drink and Watch Anime (Irina) ❤ All About Anime (Tessa) ❤ Living Legacy Gaming (Kaylin) ❤ GrimmGirl (Kat Sade)

Questions (and a Request!):

  • If you were to trip off the glitz that someone were to display, what exactly would that mean, and how would you deal with it? (Adam Lambert says, “Hi!”)
  • What advice would you give to yourself at 13 years old, if any?
  • What scene in any anime made you feel the most sorrow? The most joy? Why?
  • What is your favorite kind of flower?
  • Do you think that space aliens (humanoidal or otherwise) would be friendly? Do you think they are among us now, or have been at some point in the past? If you are religious, does this mesh with your faith?
  • Are you jealous of my kitty baby, Muffin? (If so, do not be, because I will share pictures.) Alternately, do you have a pet that you feel comfortable sharing pictures of because “yes, please!”?
  • Was the punctuation ending that last sentence messed up? The English major needs to know.
  • Please write and share a haiku. Yes, I know it isn’t a question. You have fifteen seconds; no cheating, please. This is supposed to be a challenge! (*^^*)b <(GO!)
  • Do you believe that humanity fundamentally selfish?
  • Do you like to eat shellfish?
  • What is your favorite Disney princess? Prince? Why? Would you ship them?


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17 thoughts on ““Not perpetuating that as a rumor, no sir.” –I’ve been nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD <3

  1. This was so sweet and I don’t eat or even particularly enjoy meat but that stew looks delicious!
    Thank you so much for the tag – those are great questions and I can’t wait to answer them!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. You didn’t know? Yeah I’ve been vegetarian for over a decade now…. My body decided it was going to process animal proteind into kidney stones so you know…I figured I could just live off ice cream instead…

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations on the award: and totally cool about Joss Whedon. I absolutely loved Firefly and Dollhouse. In my opinion they were totally underrated tv series that both got cancelled way too soon. But ugh..unfortunately that’s tv these days 😢
    Also love your choice of foods (getting me way too hungry here 😂😂).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! (*^^*)/ I agree about Firefly; at least we got the Serenity movie for a bit of closure, though!

      Also, I know right? Om nom, all the best foods! 😛


  3. Congrats on the award. I also went with Joss Whedon for favourite director. At the very least, he’s one of the few I can remember off the top of my head and I’ve loved everyone of his TV series (even if they all get cancelled too soon). Not such a big fan of some of his movie work.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I love Buffy. I can probably quote most of the first three seasons without trying given they came out when I was in high school and it was huge. We watched it, we talked about it, we bought the monster guide books… Buffy was awesome.


  4. Congrats!!!! 😀 And I’m completely with you what comes about food, But I do that more with snacking… I’ll eat the same cookies over and over until I get tired of them and never eat them back again until some years later! 😛 The problem is… I’m getting into a point that I don’t know what to snack anymore xD

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for tagging me, I’ll have my own post up later this week responding to your questions!

    Some very interesting facts here.

    I’m a huge Whedon fan myself. Angel is, probably, my favourite live action TV series of all time, and is a real masterpiece of character driven storytelling and high stakes conflict. It’s a shame it got cancelled, like everything else Whedon touches for some reason…

    And that stew looks nomnomnom.

    Liked by 1 person

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