“That’s even more of a sacrilege.” (Or, “I will die on this hill.” — Innominate Anime Podcast ~Episode 2~ Post-Anime Depression)

We’ve all been there; you’ve fallen head-over-heals for a title and binged it until the end. Now you’re left bereft. How do you handle coming down off of your favorite anime? What do you do in the face of dreaded post-anime depression?

Join Leth, Remy, Irina, Scott, and me as we traverse this topic with good humor, grace, and a little bit of technical difficulty! ❤

(Also, word to the wise? Stick around for the post-closing song hijinx. Because Leth has a sense of humor. I’m crying.)

You can find a back catalog of Innominate Anime Podcast at this outpost, directly on YouTube, or by following us on Twitter (@InnominateCast).

(´。• ω •。`) ♡ yay!

Love, Peace, Geese,


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