“These Games We Play of Blood and War” (or, I’m taking drabble prompts.)

“And in that moment, staring up at darkened clouds cracked by Kintsukuroi twilight, he knew that broken things could be rejoined; maybe… maybe everything wasn’t lost. Maybe hope existed here.”

It’s your turn to decide!

Keeping it very short and sweet tonight, if you’re interested in submitting a Hakuouki drabble prompt for me to wax on, you can find information and a how-to right here.

My Code:Realize post is almost finished, the anime awards are coming, and a few other posts on shows like MMO Junkie and Magus Bride are on the horizon. Still getting on a continuation of the FMAB post series.

If this proves enjoyable and well received, perhaps I will branch out into other titles about which I feel strongly. ❤



Image result for Kintsukuroi hakuouki

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