“I know… I know how fleeting their existence can be.” — FANFICTION FRIDAY (01/05/18)




I’ll Wait for You

Akiko Natsuko


  • “’One day,’ Chizuru murmured, fingers tightening around his as she lifted her head to meet his gaze. ‘One day I’ll be ready.’ It was a promise, he could hear it in her words. A promise to him, that one day he would get his wish and a promise to herself, that she wouldn’t let everything end like this. A promise to them both, that they had a future in this changing world.”
  • Firstly, I must point out how very much I appreciate this KyoChi fic. Truthfully, there are not enough of them, and this one is a welcome contribution to the entire two that I’m aware of to date. Shiranui is a fantastic and fascinating character (especially his relationship with Harada), and I love how the author has taken this ship and molded it into something highly realistic. They didn’t force Chizuru to forget her warriors with the passage of time, and for that I am grateful. In this future, Chizuru has…met with a “bad ending” route to the game, so to speak. This is a glimpse into her life having moved forward.

hakuouki hakuouki movie 1 hakuouki kyoto ranbu hakuouki movie 1 kyoto ranbu shiranui kyo shiranui kyou mine   codexiled.tumblr.com

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