Nightcore Update: “Je n’ai pas de Morts” Duet and Black Butler’s “Lacrimosa” Before and After

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been contemplating and toying with the idea of making nightcore for a while now. I’m not quite there yet, because let’s be honest, I only have the faintest idea what I’m exactly doing. “How high is it supposed to be? How fast? We’re straddling that chipmunk line here, but that’s definitely not what I want, so off to the races again…” and so on!

As of the moment, I should be finishing my end of year anime awards post, but that’s taxing, so I’ve decided to take a break and update you on my progress of late in this arena. The two most promising endeavors at the moment have been my odd “duet” with Vic Mignogna and attempts at recording a decent “Lacrimosa,” so the latter is what you’re getting here.

While “Monochrome no Kiss” is still in the works, as indicated by the results of this Twitter poll, it’s proven to be a tad more difficult task, so I’m not ready to share anything of it just yet.


It’s so much harder to post this stuff than it was before because I KNOW some of you guys now, you know? Like, I talk to you and work with you and collab with you, and before this blog was just me screaming things into the void of the internet like “HERE LOOK.”

But anyway, here’s what I got, it’s far from finished.

Am I even doing this right? It’s a fairly operatic song, as you’ll see if you give a listen below. Does it lose something in the English translation? Probably. I also don’t have access to the same background music (even though the one I’ve borrowed from Lykos Duo is amazing in its own right)… Maybe I should make it a touch more contemporary…?


Or maybe I should just get my butt moving on “Monochrome no Kiss!” 😛 Oh, well. The point is, I’m working on it, this whole nightcore thing.

Until next time, the amateur is signing off to go contribute to her awards post. Please look forward to posts on MMO Junkie and Ancient Magus Bride when I finish their simuldubs (or reach a good half-way point in the latter), as well as more on the FMAB post series in the near future! (^^)


3 thoughts on “Nightcore Update: “Je n’ai pas de Morts” Duet and Black Butler’s “Lacrimosa” Before and After

  1. Your voice is awesome!And I love the song Lacrimosa (Kalafina is my favorite band, I’ve been doing translations of their songs over at my blog). Did you come up with the English lyrics yourself?

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    1. Hehehe, thank you most heartily! That makes me really happy to read! (*^^*) Sadly, I did not translate these lyrics myself; these lyrics came from the talented LeeandLie over on YouTube. I’ve only adapted an English version of “Destinare!” from DwD after Funimation gave it general translation as I don’t know Japanese. I never recorded it, though! But I honestly think I’m going to record it right now and see how it goes… *skips off to record* *comes back* Okay, I’m putting a new post up, lol. I’ll have to go check out your stuff!!

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