I am the Prince of Despair, apparently. (Self-adaptation of “Destinare!” (DwD) to English)

You may or may not remember that, some time ago, I tried my hand at making a lyrical English adaptation of a Japanese character song. Well, today a blog comment from Moyatori on my previous post left me wondering what would happen if I tried to record it…

So, I did that.

Literally. I hopped onto Audacity, recorded it, and grabbed a sample for posting here.

Just like that.

No prep or anything.

No practice.

No second takes.

Because I’m insane.

No, but anyway, I should be WRITING MY ANIME AWARDS POST—COME ON SHOUJO, but the actual adaptation here presented means a lot to me, because it’s the only one I’ve ever done on my own (with the translation help from Funimation, so thanks, guys!), and because I love it so much, I figured I might as well share it. So… yes. ❤

Here’s a sample, mild nightcore redux included in the second half.

I could really go either way on this. Of course, by making it into nightcore, I’ll have the natural one recorded already… Decisions, decisions…


And I’ll make sure to actually practice first… ❤

So, yeah. You should go check out my lyrics, if you want.



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