Hakuouki: Oni Dreams (poetry, HijiChi inspired)

*reposted/reformatted for blog purposes*

-Hakuouki: Oni Dreams-

In the night-every night-he can feel it.




Closing his eyes, he holds his breath. He waits. The images come.

These sored dreams are, for all their perversion, everything he cares to remember. And yet, he fights to forget.

The sensation, reminiscent of the quench of most painful desire, different still-more raw even than…more base, and combined with her…

…her presence, her scent, her small sighs-sounds she though he wouldn’t notice underneath the hitching breath and trembling fingers…


Lips on taunt skin.

“…Don’t you dare turn around.”

He opens his eyes.

He raises his arms above his head.

In a western bed, his hands are shaking.

His throat burns.

It isn’t an unbearable pain. It is a lust.

But this… this isn’t something he asked of her. And now she’s safe, far from danger comprised of heat and war.

His guilt…misplaced?… devours him in waking hours, his own desire as he tries to sleep in a humans’ world.

He is a monster now, but anything that must be done to protect the Shinsingumi…

…no, to protect his lady…

…ideals embodied by a way of life and a young woman’s smile…

…are well worth it in the end, even if that end is


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