Hakuouki: Oni Dreams (poetry, HijiChi inspired)

*reposted/reformatted for blog purposes* -Hakuouki: Oni Dreams- In the night-every night-he can feel it. Pulsing. Burning. Aching. Closing his eyes, he holds his breath. He waits. The images come. These sored dreams are, for all their perversion, everything he cares to remember. And yet, he fights to forget. The sensation, reminiscent of the quench of … Continue reading Hakuouki: Oni Dreams (poetry, HijiChi inspired)

“Captains, On Her” (Poetry Collection — Hakuouki)

Hijikata: I hold her hand, so small, in mine. As our fingers intertwine, as her thick hair tangles in the crook of my neck, as her tears fall silently, one hand gripping tightly my yukata… her lips even now refusing to say my given name, too much even as she's shaking… Only now do I … Continue reading “Captains, On Her” (Poetry Collection — Hakuouki)