“So what am I, then?…Your last blaze of glory before you retire for good?” — Fanfiction Friday (12/8/17)


“Yuri!!! On Ice”

Quadruple Flip


“Yuri!!! On Ice” — Completed as of December 14, 2016; 9 chapters

  • “Viktor Nikiforov didn’t quit skating to look for inspiration. He quit skating because of his damn knee. Yuuri needs a hero. He can never know.” -haganenoheichou


  • “‘So what am I, then?’ Yuuri asked. ‘A charity case? A fanboy? Your last blaze of glory before you retire for good?’

    ‘You were meant to be,’ Viktor said dully. Yuuri’s expression shuttered. ‘But you’re not anymore-,'” 


People are self-seeking creatures; even the kindest among us have selfish impulses. It’s the human condition. This work portrays the bond between Victor and Yuuri as something entirely honest, wherein codependancy and selfishness deeply impact their relationship at its inception, and it might be the most realistic portrayal of their relationship that I’ve read so far. Victor loves the crowds, and Yuuri needs a hero.

The work comes fearfully close to “manipulative!Victor,” but as I said, I find it so fully realistic that I can’t fault it; because humans aren’t perfect, and Victor Nikiforov isn’t some romantic, all-supportive, perfectly-quaffed GOD; he’s a flawed human being. Just like everyone else.

Keep reading that fanfiction, and tell your authors that Shoujo sent you.  (^^)

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vic and yuuri

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