Atashi no Kuudere *short version*

Kuudere: a character who doesn’t express emotion readily even amongst friends, often identified as cold or uncaring. Characters’ kuudere natures vary; while some kuudere are simply unemotional, others suppress their emotions because they cannot understand or label them, thus having no idea how to proceed but with perceived or true indifference. This type of kuudere may border on dandere (see term dictionary, "dandere"). Some kuudere suppress all emotion; fewer suppress only serious emotion.

Atashi no Kuudere

or “Cool Affection”


Image result for male kuudere

This smile most loved is a secret.

It’s halting,

a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, shadow-lurker, “I hate dogs” smile

dependent on sincerity…

…or abject mortification.

What it says is,

“Don’t touch me,”

while holding out a hand for mine

and, “You can do this yourself”

while reaching over my body

to wrangle volume controls—This smile

is real

and sometimes,

the only thing that is.




[Dedicated to Husband]


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