“I’ve finally made all these fine men my love slaves.” — WATCH ALONG: “OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB,” EP. 11 (DUB)

Blogger’s Note: Well, just shy of a year-long Ouran break, I am back again to bring you another episodic Watch Along of this amazing title! I needed that time, I think, to step back and gain some distance from this dearly loved but (in my case) oft’ over-watched show. These Watch Alongs were, after all, my blog’s first experiment, and though I loved them, I needed to spread my wings and explore. Coming back to my Ouran Watch Alongs feels a bit like coming home to an old friend. ❤

That being said, I had no idea how much I missed this show until I jumped right in. So now, without further ado…

Big Brother is a Prince!

[Spoilers Ahoy!]

  • Aww. Cute lil’ girl is cute.
  • I didn’t realize how much I missed that “Welcome!” ❤Ouran ep 11 -- welcome.png
  • “When I opened the door, the police were there waiting for me!” ROFL
  • “Little kitty cat” now just makes me think of Yurio. Yuri!!! On Ice has ruined me for life.
  • Little girl: IT’S A REVERSE HAREM! Me: *dead*
  • Debauchery! Yay! (Omgosh, I’m dying again. Send the paramedics.)
  • “Twincest” and “the bookworm” *crying*
  • Both blonde = automatically siblings. This much should be obvious. I mean, that’s how genetics work, right?
  • That’s Kyoya, wondering at his potential for superiority even within manga tropes. (Answer, Kyoya, is that a megane has it’s own appreciative fanbase.)
  • If someone would call me “chan,” I think I might scream with joy.
  • “I’m not irresponsible.” ROFL; okay~~ Tamaki.
  • The black roses!
  • Nekozawa looks so handsome without all of his occult trappings.
  • That maid is just dramatically twirling around in the background and I’m like… “can I be you? Can I be that dramatic without consequence?”
  • Butler: *calls Haruhi insightful* Butler: *also calls Haruhi “sir”* <– that contrast
  • “Please don’t be afraid,” he said menacingly while creeping forward and sporting a freaky, occultly-named puppet.
  • I don’t think Romeo and Juliet works like that…
  • Oooo… I missed that my first few times watching this! Nekozawa and family are of Russian decent! He’s Russian!!
  • SHouJo MaNGa!
  • “Is there really debauchery in shoujo manga?” I mean, I dunno about that, Haruhi…
  • ~prayers to the neither~ that's terrifying
  • Poor Nekozawa… this is actually pretty sad, when you think about it.
  • Tamaki is such a good guy. ❤
  • Aaaaandd… there’s Vic Mignogna.
  • “Operation Character Reform”
  • “Senpai, quit getting carried away by your emotions!” Oh, you’re talking to ME, Haruhi?
  • “with darkroom capabilities” lol
  • Aaaaaanndd… there’s our known and beloved Renge.
  • “My vocabulary is a bit limited without those words.” *crying* Same, Neko, same.
  • TRUE STORY: Girls do like those things.
  • For use on his sister…? I dunno, maybe if it’s Sword Art Online… #shotsfired (^_~)
  • Who in the heck is Edgar? Is that supposed to be an Edward parody? No… that would be too recent for… or maybe not. *to the internet*
  • I legit think that Nekozawa might be more attractive that our princely Tamaki, and Tamaki admits as much to Kirimi-chan, so…
  • Ahhhh!!Ouran ep 11 -- unspeakable terror.png

  • Gosh, so handsome.
  • <— That
  • I know Ouran is ridiculous, but it has so very much heart.
  • …befriending a stray cat is occult?
  • Nekozawa: LET ME JUMP OUT THE WINDOW! Me: Isn’t there an easier way to– Nekozawa: THE WINDOW!
  • A touching moment, yes, but I also love how absolutely panicked the puppet looks. Beelzenef is in such a state.
  • Bye, cat.
  • “But even so” is the most over-translated anime line.
  • My heart ❤

As I tap my feet to that out-tro, I can’t help but think that I’ll be getting into these Watch Along posts with a lot more fervor than I have over the past year. Thanks for sticking around, my anime compatriots and dear readers, and I’ll write again soon.



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