Feat. a Character with the Best Quotes (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 12)

I was kidnapped yesterday, my friend Ginger bought a wedding dress, I’m eating onigiri over my lunch break, and this challenge post is late.

I blame Attack on Titan. But wait, you say. I finished AoT two days ago? Yes, you’re right, but it is what it is. Allow me to explain, dear readers. I beg clemency.

I did indeed finish AoT two days ago.

Levi~~~ so kakkoii.

However, the subsequent exhaustion from my utter lack of sleep (#NoRegrets) left me knackered.

I like to keep my challenge posts written just a bit ahead of time to help manage unforeseen circumstances like abduction, but I couldn’t pull myself away from AoT for those three days, leading my small cushion of posts to deplete rapidly. Thus, I was not behind, but I had reached the point of writing my challenge poss daily without room for error.

Perforce, I had planned to write this post yesterday evening, but I was abducted after work by my dear Ginger, who informed me in no uncertain terms and at the shortest possible notice that she was buying a wedding dress, and was I coming or not, woman?

Thus, off we went.

Ginger (I almost just typed her real name!) is getting married in April, and one highly emotional decision later, we were eating dinner at the Chinese restaurant that we used to frequent some time and space ago. By the time we finished catching up, it had gotten to be firmly evening, and I still had to go home and finish up a few things. Suddenly, I was exhausted. At about twenty until nine, Husband and I hunkered down on the couch for a bit, but whereas he got up (and covered me up and kindly put my almost-untouched-minus-two-sips wine glass in the fridge), I did not, falling quickly into dream land to be woken when he found himself ready for bed several hours later.

I then moved to the bed and passed out again. (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ

So, clearly Attack on Titan has it out for my 30 Day Character Challenge. But now on to the feature at hand.

It’s after work and I’m home now! Let’s get to the topic at hand!

I could have easily picked Tohru Honda (Fruba), but I write about her a lot. I thought it would prove a great deal more fun to compile a handfull of great one-off anime quotes instead. So, without further ado…


Image result for roy mustang quotes
This quote is from FMA:B, not FMA.

hajime quote.png

Image result for momiji quotes

Image result for attack on titan levi quotes

When does Roy Mustang say “Can you really hold the woman you love with your blood-stained hands?” Is it in FMA? I must know this…

Until next time (read: a few hours from now),

Shoujo ❤



*title image simply uploaded to Pintrest by “user”

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