Feat. a Character Who Taught You Something About Love (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 11)

Yuri Katsuki taught me that love doesn’t need a label to be meaningful, to be beautiful.

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I’ve written an expose on the relationship between Victor and Yuri in the past*, but I’ll reiterate that this show moved me because of its ambiguity. Yuri’s passion for the ice as a manifestation of his love for Victor doesn’t need a sexuality or persuasion to be meaningful; it doesn’t have to be strictly romantic, lustful, phila, or agape.

Yuri’s “something like love” means more than the throws of a tryst or the romance of candle light. I’m GLAD Victor and Yuri didn’t make it obvious for us, I’m GLAD for the marriage-that-wasn’t and Yuri’s denials and the hidden ?kiss? and Victor’s universal inhibition because the subtext is everything.

Why do we have to shear down a relationship to its most basic parts in effort to wrap our heads around it? Why does the fandom reduce a precious and fragile “something like love” to lust and anxiety? Why can’t we accept this relationship for the beauty that it displays without having to compartmentalize what we’ve seen?

Yurisays that he just wants Victor to stay… Victor.

I want the same for both of them.

I don’t need “fiances.” I don’t need “husbands.” I don’t need labels. I don’t need such simplifying words when it comes to what I’ve seen.

I just need Victor & Yuri

whose love is encapsulated on the ice.


This is the unexpected lesson that Yuri Katsuki taught me, the quintessential shipper, on love.


*It remains one of my favorite posts that I’ve written to date so I will shamelessly promote it whenever possible and invite readers to take a look.


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