Feat. a Character that Would Be Your Best Friend (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 9)

The difficulty in this particular challenge piece is establishing what exactly I should here consider; do I choose a best friend based on compatibility or simply on the interest that I have in said character? For example, I feel like Yurio (Yuri!!! On Ice) and I would have quite the interesting dynamic, and I’d be interested in his friendship, but he might also want to murder me (in his own, endearing, angry-kitten way). On the other hand, someone like Chizuru (Hakuouki) would be quite easy to get along with, but with her calm nature, I don’t know that we have much in common, as I’m basically a Tama-chan on the regular.

Speaking of the character, I’d love Tamaki (Ouran) as a best friend, but I’ve already written about him in the course of this challenge, and I hesitate to do so again. In addition, perhaps our similarities would become too much for our friendship to bare, leaving us at each other’s throats.

Who am I to choose, taking such factors into account? Tohru (Fruba)? And adult Alphonse Elric (FMA & FMA:B)? Oh, my gosh, that would be sweet…

But, no, rather, I think that I’ve found my feature for today.

Enter Nanami Momozono!

Image result for nanami momozono

I wrote about Nanami during a previous challenge (please click the link for a more in-depth look at this character), and when I consider all of the casting options that I have to be besties with, Nanami comes out on top because she’s both interesting and kind. She’s also silly, larger-than-life on occasion, nurturing, and we have enough in common that we’d get along swimmingly. She’s resilient, and more mature than one might imagine while still innocent at heart!

For a review of the title from whence Nanami hails, Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss), please click here.

So…who would be your anime bestie?

Keep on keeping on,


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