Feat. the Funniest Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 8)

While I know I should be writing this post, I have the most irrepressible urge to watch a few episodes of Kamisama Kiss. I think I need to go do that now, so hang with me, fellows…

*skips off to watch anime*

*creeps back into WordPress two days later*

…Sowee, compatriots…

I got off task. I didn’t even manage to watch those episodes of Kamisama because I realized that it was getting quite late for my early schedule, and working hours wait for no man! As it is, I’m back now and ready with a funny character feature!

Enter Mikoto Mikoshiba!


Image result for Mikoto Mikoshiba gif

Well, I suppose that THESE gifs might actually be more character-appropriate…


Image result for Mikoto Mikoshiba gif

We’re going to pretend that I’m not totally in love with Mikoshiba (Mikorin) as a character for just one second in an attempt to be impartial, but there is something so refreshing about this totally adorkable guy from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. His hi-jinx have landed him as lead inspiration for the resident mangaka; Nozaki uses him as shoujo fodder for his manga heroine, Mamiko. (Not that Mikorin knows this, mind you.)

Within the walls of our main characters’ school, every girl thinks he’s swoon-worthy and every boy looks up to him as a Casanova, but the honest-to-goodness truth is that he can only be incredibly charming for about thirty seconds before…well, to quote Nozaki…

“He says stupid things and then he gets embarrassed. It’s kind of cute.”

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun deserves a post all it’s own, so I’ll leave it here for today with the admission that literally every main character in the title is hilarious, and you should watch it at your earliest convenience if you are interested in one of the most humorous slice-of-life titles to grace anime.

Ducks and paper cups,


5 thoughts on “Feat. the Funniest Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 8)

  1. Ahh, I remember the first time I saw Nozaki-Kun. The ending though…like bruh.
    But, other than that it was beautiful. He was definitely one of my favorites besides Kashima and probably Seo.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Tell me about it. It’s wonderfully written and animated.
        Plus the opening really fits with its upbeat song, the animation and of course the inclusion of the Tanuki.
        Of course the manga really kicks it up with how oblivious the characters are.
        It’s a really funny show.


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