Feat. the Hottest Character (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 7)

Genuine Spoiler Alert!

Well, I mean, clearly the hottest character would be Calcifer, duh…

Image result for calcifer gif
*singing* This demon is on fiiire~~

No, no, okay, I know I’m not supposed to take this literally, but I couldn’t help it. He is literally so hot!

Moving on, I guess it’s time to get serious, but again I say that my primary genre is shoujo. How, I ask you, am I to pick a SINGLE hottest character when there are so many bishonen to choose from in almost any given title!? That doesn’t even consider the non-shoujo titles that I consume! It’s boggling!

I considered doing another “I’ll just create a running list to avoid choosing a favorite” type of post, but quickly decided against it because it suddenly hit me…

I know a character who definitely deserves a feature.

Enter Roy Mustang!


Image result for roy mustang


Oh, no.

I… I just realized… and I have no excuses and I just can’t stop rolling at how appropriate this selection is, readers. Give me a second to finish crying out my laughter. Hold on…




I feel like an idiot.

But apparently a clever idiot?

Okay, moving on.

[Again, I repeat, spoiler alert for FMA:B.]


Roy Mustang (FMA, FMA:B), puns aside, is a man with a mission, and he is on fire. He’s physically attractive, determined, serious, passionate, and a huge, procrastinating goob. I love him as a character.

He’s also sweetly “pathetic” when it rains, and a pretend playboy. Just by the way.

During the Ishvalan War, he committed unspeakable crimes in the name of a Fuhrer who was in truth a humunculi from the get go (FMAB). Later struggling to come to terms with his transgressions, he strives with everything in him (and the help of a few, very loyal subordinates) to rise to power. Why? It’s a bid to assure that nothing like the Extermination is ever again allowed to pass. Roy is willing to sacrifice his own life in front of a war crimes tribunal if it means putting forward his best to make it “right.” Yet, he feels very strongly that there is no true path to redemption for what he has done. His own life forfeit, however, only means that he cannot continue his work of driving Amestris toward democracy. This, he knows, is only accomplished by rising through the ranks and eventually dismantling its militaristic power structure. Thus, he cannot die. Roy’s true work is to live on toward a future better than the one he left in the burning ashes of his wake, and it’s one of the greatest reasons that I love him; everything he does is with this single goal in mind. Nothing else (not even the ship I wished so hard to sail, Royai) means so much.

Yet, Mustang has not lost his humor. While haunted in his darkest moments, Roy can almost always find a smile for his subordinates/friends. His playboy attitude and procrastinating ways (as well as his obsession with tiny miniskirts) lead to all kinds of hijinx that Lt. Riza Hawkeye has to deal with and we as the audience get to enjoy.

I really, REALLY want to continue on with a bit about my series ship, but that’s a post for the FMA:B Post Series on which I’ve been procrastinating; it’s also wildly outside of the preview of this challenge entry, so I’ll end here.

Hoping you are well,



I really, really, REALLY need to finish the original FMA. I predict some perfect Royai moments. ❤

Image result for riza x mustang moments
credit within the image

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