Hypochondria (Or “Just an Everyday Moment”) – poem

Hypochondria—Or, Just an Everyday Moment

My heart beats too hard and too fast

throbbing in time with my temples

the moment I sit in the chair

and start to write.

Light-headed, suddenly feeling

an overwhelming need to

catch my breath

I close my sore eyes and wonder

if the end days

draw nearer

for everyone

or just


Image result for anime stressed out
Image taken from @DEPRESSED_OTAKU_, but seriously don’t look this stuff up because I just found it on Google search and it reminded my of my anxiety prison, but when I looked up the source for proper crediting it proved to be quite terrifying, so seriously, don’t.

Sometimes things are a lot, but I’m okay. Hope you’re not annoyed; I’m not trying to be a downer. Just saying. ❤



I’m sorry if I’m being too open about this anxiety thing, but… this is my place to ramble. ❤ *hugs*

I feel like these things shouldn’t be a lot and that I should be more in control of my own mind, but…

Anyway, nothing but love. I’m just a bit emotional. Again, I apologize. All is well. ❤


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