Feat. a Character Who Looks Like You (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 3)

Well, this one was pretty easy. She was going to be my cosplay, after all!

Enter Tohru Honda!

Image result for tohru honda gif

Aside from her penchant for bows, braids, and pigtails (!!YES!!), she also sports my same eye (only in the anime) and hair color, and we wear our hair quite long. Tohru’s (Fruits Basket) demeanor also appears similarly to mine, as she apologizes a lot (I USED TO DO THIS ALL THE TIME, EVEN TO INANIMATE OBJECTS!) and gives great big smiles from the heart without worrying about looking silly. We both may or may not also have a clumsy streak…  (*^^*) We also both prefer to wear skirts, dresses, and other such girly fare. Similar looks, similar demeanor, and similar fashion sense? Yes, I think this cosplay would go over quite well!

I mean, the girl also loves CATS. (But then again, how could someone not love cats? <3)

Getting into Tohru’s character, she is a sweet girl whose heart just might be big enough to break the Shouma family curse. However, with sweeps and surprises at every turn, you never know what next lies in store! If you remember, I featured Tohru in my 30 Day Anime Challenge as a favorite female character, so I shan’t elaborate too much more on her here.

The anime ran two seasons of incredible (SHEEPY SHEEP, GUYS! WHY HAVEN’T I REVIEWED THIS YET!?). but the manga includes much more content if one finds oneself smitten!

Have you seen Fruits Basket? Have you read the manga? What do you think of the differences? What do you think of Tohru?

Until day 3,

Shoujo Honda

4 thoughts on “Feat. a Character Who Looks Like You (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 3)

    1. Jon! How could you?!

      I’m kidding. 😛 😛

      In any case, I found it and it looked like fun! I needed some inspiration that didn’t involve me watching whole series as I’m quite busy with work ATM. 🙂 Thank you for reading~~! (^^)

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