Feat. a Character from Your Previously Favorite Fandom (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 2)

I mean, we’re not talking Harry Potter, right?

No? Anime only? I thought so.

In any case, if you remember my disclaimer on the last post, I couldn’t consider the Yuri!!! On Ice FANDOM as a favorite fandom because, while I adore YOI, the FANDOM has perverted my pure and fluffy ship all to the deepest reaches of hell.

Like, ew, can you not?

I nope-d the heck right outa there, let me tell you what.

I will, however, today feature a YOI character as—before I found the nasty stuff I tried so hard to avoid—the YOI fandom SEEMED like a pretty safe place to be…

Sort of.


I’m just so sad about this fandom. *sobs sobs sobs* Why? My Victor and Yuri are so PURE. I mean, you saw my post, right? I will still hold them thusly in my smooshy heart. ❤


Image result for minami yoi gif

Okay, but no, seriously…

Enter Minami Kenjiro!

Image result for minami yoi gif

Minami is Yuri’s biggest fan and ardent admirer. It’s honestly the most adorable thing, because Yuri is Minami’s Victor. I’m not saying that the kid necessarily has a crush on Yuri, but he looks up to him as his skating idol, and praise from Yuri just lights up his little heart like Independence Day fireworks. He makes me so happy, and as annoying as I bet Yurio would think that he is, he is both well-meaning and part of the next generation of skating athletes.

Image result for minami yoi gif
I mean, look at that. SO much joy on the ice. ❤ So cute! ❤ Where are the adoption papers?

I give this snowflake exactly seven years to… WAIT. WAIT. HOW IS THIS CHILD 17-18 YEARS OLD?? WHAT?? BUT PHICHIT IS ONLY 20-21 YEARS OLD WHAT IS HAPPENING???

Okay, I guess that during the events of YOI, Minami would only have been, wait… only a year younger.

Well then.

In any case, he idolizes Yuri, isn’t afraid to show it, and just lights up the ice with his utter joy. How could I not feature him today?

Have you seen Yuri!!! On Ice? Did it change your anime-life forever? What do you think about Minami? Let me know in the comments below!

Until day 3,

Shoujo!!! On Ice


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