Feat. a Character from Your Currently Favorite Fandom (30 Day Character Challenge, Day 1)

Onward toward new adventure! The challenge awaits! (*^3^)/~♡

I hate to start this challenge off with a highly expected ramble, but I think we’ll all agree that my favorite anime fandom is that of Hakuouki*. (Admittedly, this fandom is far too small.) However, though there are many characters that I could feature, my experiences playing Hakuouki: Kyoto Winds lead me to select a game-specific character for this feature entry.

Enter Hachiro Iba!

Image result for hachiro iba

Iba is a new character specific to Hakuouki: Kyoto Winds (Eng. translation, 2017) and Hakuouki: Edo Blossoms (Eng. translation, TBA). Both games will be subject to individual reviews, but Iba is my feature today because his own route takes the traditional Hakuouki story wildly out of its element, exploring otherworldly guises with finesse and great love. His own character is so much the Disney prince of the franchise**that it’s impossible not to consider him grade A husbando material. I laughed, fangirl squee-d, and FREAKED OUT during my play-through of his route.


Keeping it vague to avoid getting into too many spoilers, Iba is a childhood friend of Chizuru who will go through great lengths to keep our heroine safe. Our heroine, thrown into situations unlike those of previous routes, asserts herself in ways before unimagined and ROCKS AT IT, GUYS. It’s like our route’s warrior got 100% more refined, and Chizuru got at least 67% more bad@$$. The combination was perfect. Hakuouki is a model otome in that the main character’s personality stays similar but manifests in different ways depending on who she is interacting with. The combination of her and Iba was one I fully enjoyed watching unfold. ❤

IMG_3941 edit.jpg
Iba and I got to know each other at AX2017.

Have you played Hakuouki: Kyoto Winds? (If not, I HIGHLY recommend it!) What do you think of Hachiro Iba?

How many times can I embolden Hachiro Iba?


Okay, I’m done. Until day 2,

Shoujo~ ❤


While looking for images to include in my post, I stumbled across stills from Edo Blossoms

I think my heart just stopped. *massive fangirl squeak*

*Even though I love the show, my favorite FANDOM can’t be that of Yuri!!! On Ice because those people… can’t keep our heroes in character and frankly have perverted my pure and fluffy ship all to hell. Just nope-ing hell right out of that one…

**Credit where it is due, I’m pretty sure I got that phrase from Kaylin over at LLG. You should check their YouTube channel out, because I’m pretty sure that DON’T TRUST THE GUY WITH THE HEADBAND is my new life motto.

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