Saeran’s Theme (Mystic Messenger Cover?)

So, um, I’m still alive…


…but I did warn everybody…


I’m still listening to one old, broken gaming headset and speaking/singing into another broken one that sits on the desk, but hey…

Anyway, I’ve only tonight touched my blog since my last post on the 5th (Things have been nuts at work!!), and I found this music from FlutterArts (…

I decided that, if a trial run sounded good (read, creepy!), I might like to cover this song as a Halloween special on my blog…

I really enjoy this song quite a bit, but I’d need to practice indeed!! (Read, again, a LOT of practice…) I think that if I put my mind to it, I could make it rather appropriate for Halloween… (^^)

So, consider this tiny snippet a very raw trial run!

Okay? ❤

And I finally made an entire Onigiri Adventure video, but I’m having trouble getting it from my phone to Youtube, so be on the lookout for that fairly soon.

And more reviews to come.

And A pODcAsT!!!




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