Can You Guess the Anime from a Two-Sentence Summary? (Round 2)

“I’m the king, JJ! No one defeats~ me!!” It’s time for round 2! Can you identify the anime titles from these one-to-two (oft ridiculous) sentence summaries?

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1. Homeless high school girl gets kissed by a stranger in the park and suddenly becomes a goddess.

2. Liar-liar-pants-on-fire girl gets in too deep and recruits the help of cruel, emotionally stunted boy to aide in her deception. Now she’s his dog.

3.  Manipulative, jerky idol boy dumps sweet girl. Girl finally snaps and seeks revenge by beating him at the fame game, working to becoming a famous actress.

4. There is no happy ending for these cursed, reincarnated lovers brought together by chance or fate. A maiden living with her aunt sees her mental and physical regression progress to the point of no return.

5. Teenage girl without a past is traveling between parallel worlds and must make a choice; possessed by a fae that only she can see, she struggles to ascertain where she came from and where she’s going.

6. Click of richy-rich thug boys rules the prestigious high school, but when one hard-headed commoner girl stands up, their leader’s forced down a path of shaping up or shipping out. (Alternately: Loud-mouth, well-meaning, commoner girl puts up with an abusive pseudo-relationship until a bad-boy gang leader matures, as it is proved that money rules the world but love conquers all.)

7. A bunch of woman nerds peacefully live together in a boarding house until our main character’s world is shattered by a secret cross-dresser. Romance, character progression, and chaos ensue.

8. Teenage girls fight for truth, justice, and the American Way— No. I’m kidding. Let’s try that again. *clears throat* A mildly discombobulated group of girls slowly remember their burred pasts and the purpose behind their reincarnation as they fight dark forces in the name of love and justice.

9. Pretty boys use all their wiles to try and coax traumatized creepy girl into womanhood. Girl wants to murder the posse leader because he’s simply too radiant.

10. Giant, awkward teen boy (accompanied by his handsome, popular best friend) saves a short girl from groper on public transit. Girl is immediately smitten, and so begins the cutest love story possibly in existence.

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So, how did you do? Were these summaries harder or easier than the last batch? Let me know in the comments below, and consider if you’d like to see more of these in the future!



  1. Kamisama Kiss
  2. Wolf Girl and Black Prince
  3. Skip Beat!
  4. Air (TV)
  5. Amnesia
  6. Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango)
  7. Princess Jellyfish
  8. Sailor Moon (specifically, season 1)
  9. The Wallflower
  10. My Love Story!!

2 thoughts on “Can You Guess the Anime from a Two-Sentence Summary? (Round 2)

  1. Oh, I got more correct answers now! The ones I don’t know are Air and Amnesia because I honestly haven’t been exposed much to those two (not even in Tumblr) nor have I read their synopses myself. Anyhow, it just happens that I’ve watched the other 8 here so hohoho. lol @ Sailor Moon’s summary

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