Dance with Devils: Fortuna (movie)

Announced in January 2017 and slated for a Fall 2017 release in Japan…

…it’s time once more to Dance with Devils.

[For the general plot of the Dance with Devils 2015 anime, please click here.]

In what, according to a rough translation of the movie’s website, is a re-imagining of the original anime complete with alternate ending, Ritsuka finds herself submerged in a deadly game of cat and mouse as demons and vampires vie for the hidden Grimoire she holds within.

concert was titled ‘Dance with Devils Special Concert
The voice cast sang at the announcement event.

Tickets have gone on pre-sale for the Japanese release as of July 3rd, but there is no news on a US theatrical release or even dubbed version. Funimation, the company responsible for dubbing the 2015 series, has yet to make an announcement.

Seriously Rejet, even just give the DVD English subs and I will buy it!


Signing off,






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