DBSuper Panel, Zelda Announcements, & Cosplay for Days!! (AX2017, Day 2 & 3)

This whole experience has been mind blowing.

I write today as Chronic and I camp the hall which is to hold the DBSuper Panel in three hours. The hall doesn’t clear, and based on the number of Dragon Ball shirts I see in this crowd, I’m pretty sure many others are camping, too. In the mean time, we’re watching a live drawing from artists behind The Legend of Zelda manga and 2003 Astroboy, after which Chronic will leave to go find food and que up for his Jojo Fan Panel. The love drawing is pretty cool; also, their music for the motion comic playing on the big screens keeps messing up. First the computer played some pop song, and then fans either tried playing the ocansca or other music from their phones; it was pretty funny! Now the drawing begins!




I plan to make separate posts for similar cosplays (ex: Yuri on Ice or Dragon Ball cosplays), but I’ll include others here for your perusal! Please ignore the lack of formatting; my phone connectivity is terrible here.

Four minutes to panel start!! Here we go!!


…that panel. It was soooo~ worth the wait. I’m not going to say much except that I SCREAMED and laughed, and if you replay the live stream on Twitch, I’m sure you’ll hear me shreaking “It’s so true!!” in regards to Vegeta being a better father than Goku, and maybe “Christ Sabat, we love you!!” at the end.

​My throats hurts. Worth it. I’m just going to leave this here:

In other news. I also found the art wall where your allowed to leave your mark! I saw some truly awesome pictures done by con-goers, such as this…messed up… tribute! 😛

Of course, I had to leave my own small mark…

Now I’ll sit and enjoy these cosplay AMVs until Chronic is done with his Trigger panel and we can head back to the hotel! They’re really fun!!

‘Til next time!

4 thoughts on “DBSuper Panel, Zelda Announcements, & Cosplay for Days!! (AX2017, Day 2 & 3)

  1. Thanks for taking our photo! My boyfriend and I are the 101 Dalmatians cosplayers! I’m glad you had a good time, I know we had a blast! 😀

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