Cosplay, Lines, and YURI ON ICE PANEL (AX2017, Day 1)

Dear Diary (No, I’m kidding.),

I begin today as Chronic and I sit in line for the Yuri on Ice Creator’s Panel. Luckily, we have hope of getting in; we’ve been here for about fourty minutes now, and (OH EM GEE, I JUST SAW MINAMI-KUN.) the panel with both co-creators is to begin at 4:00 PM.

Well, I found them. My skaters!!! (Expo Hall)

We just stood up to go inside, and I also just saw another Yurio. I wonder how long it will be until the line begins to move. Oh! And speaking of lines…

Look at the pre-pass line this morning!

As lucky as we are to be able to attend the Anime Expo, the lines have been ridiculous, especially for some. Our own wait was an hour and a half, and that was only because we picked up our badges on pre-day. Some are waiting outside for miles, a four hour wait time from what I’ve heard. Some people are upset, and they hope that there will be a more efficient system tomorrow. The Expo is naturally concerned with security. 🚨 

I wonder how many thousands upon thousands of people are here.


As one would expect, I’ve hear— I FOUND SUCH AMAZING VICTOR AND YURIO COSPLAY BUT THEY ARE TOO FAR AWAY FOR A PICTURE—where was I? Oh, yes, well, I’ve seen several neat cosplays, but being in a hurry to make two panels in these crowds, I didn’t get as many pictures as I would like. I’ll share what I did manage below, and update this post throughout the day.

He speaks if watch look below!

People are SINGING “Born to Make History” as the line for this panel moves forward. I’m so excited to begin, but signing off for now. I’ll come back to this post in a bit!


Okay, I am calm now. The YOI Creator Panel opened with Welcome to the Madness on the big screens, which make me and several hundred other people SCREAM AND DIE. I may or may not have embarrassed myself with an audiable outburst when Yurio came on screen as the actual talk began. I may or may not have had a small outburst. There may or may not have been a bit of laughter…

In any case, the movie was confirmed and may indeed feature the OLYMPICS~~~~ and the language barrier made it a tad difficult to get 10000% further concessions but it seems that, if we keep loving it, more content is to come!!!!! THE OLYMPICS. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

As we wait in a Funimation Announcement Panel line and I struggle not to poke people smooshed near me with this awesome “Shall We Date?” bag that I got from the associated Expo booth, I think I’ll post some more cosplay pics I’ve gotten since then. 


3 thoughts on “Cosplay, Lines, and YURI ON ICE PANEL (AX2017, Day 1)

  1. Kausus says:

    Really glad that you are having a blast! Seeing everyone having fun and jazz really hits my Con-Withdrawal hard. Conventions have a such a magical way of allowing us to detach from reality and allows us to just enjoy ourselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loriann says:

    Hello!! Kaizen Cosplay (IG: kaizen.cosplay) here! We were the Victor and Yuri you took a picture of in the pose of Yuri poking Victor. It was awesome that you wanted our photo and we love seeing it on your site! Thank you so much, glad you had fun at the con!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • shoujothoughts says:

      Thank you for letting me take your picture!! The cosplay was great, and I’ll feature you again in my massive YOI cosplay post coming sometime later!! The pose is what really got me. “Is it really getting that thin?” Lol


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