Fremium Routes: Otome on a Budget–Destiny Ninja+ <3

The Taira Clan’s rule is ending, and war has come. Travel back in time to the Sengoku Era, and fall in love with a noble warrior.


You’ve awoken in the forest without a clue where you are. A battle is raging, but your memories are scattered like leaves on wind; suddenly, you’re approached by a man! He whisks you to safety, but your adventure has only just begun as rival clans fight for dominance. Just where do you fit into this story of honor and betrayal?


Destiny Ninja+ (DN, 2013) is a free-to-play mobile based otome presented by Shall we date? Solmare NTT. Ten ninja warrior routes offer love interests of wildly varying personalities, and outcomes are based on your choices alone.

Each character has a main route, and SEVERAL bonus or additional stories are available for play as well, though SOME tend to come and go seasonally, only playable during certain periods of time. Destiny Ninja+ has some of the most diverse and abundant event/side stories of any otome I’ve played. The game is primarily text based, and in-game design between GCs leans toward facial close ups when a character is alone on-screen and semi-body images when multiple people need be portrayed.


The game is unique in that choices you make too your destiny in one of two directions; no answer is “wrong,” but the results of the game are hinged upon your MC’s consistency.

Choices which tip you in one direction lead you toward a lover dovey end while progress in the other encourages a sweet conclusion. If enough choices are not made to abundantly tip the favor in one direction and push your meter over the edge, your ending is neutral; there is also a secret love ending hidden somewhere on the seemingly blank middle spectrum, but you didn’t hear it from me! (^_−☆

I myself have played three main routes: Yoshisune, Benkei, and Hanzo. Each ending I earned was a sweet ending. I also remember watching the side story Happy Baby News, with Benkei’s Route most prominent in my mind. I may have watched playthroughs of other material, but I no longer remember any details regarding this from four long years ago.

Benkei’s main route was probably my favorite, though each was good. Oh, but thinking back, Yoshisune was so gallant, and Hanzo was so much the “cool type!” Perhaps I don’t have a favorite route at all…!


Like any fremium content, the in-game currency and progress mechanics are designed to encourage the use of real-world dollars to purchase in-game items. Progress is unlocked through the expenditure of story tickets, with one free ticket awarded a player every four hours. In addition, two types of special check points require either good luck or the purchase of wearable items to pass into the following story chapters. The use of in-game currency to purchase odds-increasing items for luck-based check points is optional. Luck-based check points become more difficult as the game progresses, and these become one of the biggest hindrances to steady progress. However, helpful items and in-game currency are earned as consecutive daily log-in bonus, as well as through achieved “ninja tasks” rather than stat raising activities.

In addition, this title boasts player codes which offer SIGNIFICANT rewards should you prompt a friend to play and enter your code in-game. Your friends will win some awards, too, so let’s start a game train!

Here is my own game code~!

Because this is an older title, new content isn’t being created, but with plenty of material to choose from, I don’t see this becoming problematic. In-game rewards are given when updates hit the company’s newer titles, and their first time log-in bonus is so huge that, upon signing up again, I am literally flabbergasted.

What may sound complicated and not worth the trouble actually becomes very simple very quickly. So long as your comfortable with moving through your chosen route at a slow and (mostly) steady pace, the purchases are not necessary in this particular title; the game has been designed with the user in mind, and needn’t be pay-to-win for those with patience to spare. All in all, this is a premium fremium game.


Content Warning:

If you know of me, you know I don’t favor the explicit; thus, I prefer my “I can ship people for days” games to be romance only and 100% sex-free. It is true, however, that Shall we date? Solmare NTT featured more scandalous content in a very few of their older titles like Destiny Ninja+ as opposed to newer titles like Love Tangle+ (which are completely free of questionable material). If I remember correctly from so long ago, the Destiny Ninja+ endings I’ve earned included mild (maybe moderate??) sexual content, but nothing visually explicit. These ending encounters were primarily implied and verbal if memory serves; I cannot speak for every ending in every route (lover dovey ends, anyone?), and especially not for the event stories.

The side or event stories (such as the series I watched fully, Happy Baby News) might have contained more sexual content, but I just don’t know. Sex did on occasion happen in Happy Baby News. I remember that much. While it was mostly implied, it may have been—in the absolute worst cases—briefly stated? Just look before you leap and move with caution. Neither the App Store nor Google Play feature an age gate or mature content warning on the title, but you know what a lover dovey ending might~ entail, and you can probably look at an event story title to get a general feel for what it might include. This is one of the very few otomes I’ve ever played which would require a disclaimer. Since I can’t remember the details and I kept playing otome, I don’t think I was scarred for life, but if you’d rather not risk it, I’ve got more fremium recommendations to come!


Click through here to download Destiny Ninja+ on the Apple Store. Click through here to download Destiny Ninja+ on Google Play.

A paid version of Destiny Ninja is also available in on the Apple and Google Play stores.


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