Anime Expo Updates (and Cosplay Countdown)~!

We’re down to the wire, dear anime enthusiasts. Time for a few AX updates!

Firstly, I am happy to announce that our concussed friend, he-who-has-yet-to-pick-a-blog-pseudonym, will be attending the expo with us in just a few days time. Our compatriots count is back up to three: Shoujo, Chronic, and no-name! As you may recall, no-name’s status was uncertain after a fairly severe head injury left him recuperating half way across the country. We finally have a better picture of all that transpired.

While still at the seminary, no-name was playing basketball and got elbowed hard in the temple; he earned a black, swollen shut eye, near constant headache, and dizzy spells, but—unfamiliar with concussion symptoms—he didn’t know why. He ended up going through finals and even driving hundreds of miles home, but when he got there I suppose he ended up at the doctor and they were like “CHILD WHAT DID YOU DO?” He basically got put in a rest period–walking, activity, screen time all big no-nos.

Now he’s home and recovering nicely, planning to attend so long as he stays feeling as good as he is right now. I’m glad for this; let’s send no-name some love if he’s reading at home!

I should probably tell you a bit about Chroinc, too. While no-name is a very new friend, Chronic is the person who introduced me to anime (Ouran!!) and may potentially be featured quite heavily as part of our exposition adventures~!? (Truly I have no idea how this will all go down.)

You’ve probably seen my “meet the blog cast” page, so in a similar manner, I now present Chronic (who should totally put what I’m about to say in his cover letter):

  • glorious hair
  • quiet drunk
  • telling you how it is
  • enough common sense for the both of us
  • who are you?
  • dandere
  • don’t care that I’m a twin (but everyone else does because it’s cool??)
  • spaghetti is not my forte
  • don’t make me drive the car
  • retired WoW addict (for now)
  • hire me to be your lowkey bad@$$ friend
  • got that computer science on lock
  • do I have a favorite food?
  • eggplant is a color and is The Jam ™

Aaaaaannnyway, getting serious again, my vampire Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight) cosplay is all but complete–I’m working on the holster for my collapsed Artemis Rod and still trying to use fashion clips to make my uniform coat fit a bit better, but everything else is ready to go with the addition of boots I found only today. Would you care for a sneak peak?

I’ll be returning the black boots I found previously (but have yet to do more than try on) by mail. The necklace Husband made with his 3D printer is lovely, and he’s made me an Artemis Rod in the same fashion. Truly, it’s been so much fun seeing everything come together. 🙂

I’ve also picked up some pink ribbon so that, with the removal of my jacket and a change of socks, I can have an entirely different uniform.

You know. Just for a day I feel like wearing pink and pig tails? HAIR RIBBONS FOR DAYS~~ ❤ ❤

Our flight leaves early Friday morning, and we’re excited for all that is to come. I won’t be stuck to my phone the whole time, preferring rather to live in the moment, but you can expect updates from “Shoujo @ AX2017” on my Twitter account (apparently that’s a thing I should temporarily do–change my name to reflect my con location?) with lots fangirl ravings. Hopefully, with the consent of cosplayers, I’ll even post some pictures of costume awesomeness to Shoujo Thoughts: Otaku Ramblings either during the con or shortly after returning home! 

My “business” cards are ready that I might direct others to my blog/their photos. See?

And now I’m just left wondering how I’ll get my rod (really a hollow, pipe-like tube) through airport security. Do I tell them I have a movie prop in my check bag? (^^;; Advice from any who have flown with cosplay before?

I think I’ve arranged my homework schedule so that I’ll only have to take a quiz on the flight over and post to discuss boards on the way back. If I can use Chronic’s laptop for a half hour (and I’m sure he’ll let me), I’m golden.

Look for an “Adventures in Onigiri” post fairly soon! I’m nursing a headache and feeling a bit wonky at the moment, so I’ll sign off now and maybe try taking a short nap.

Love, Peace, Geese,

❤ Shoujo 

I need to get safety pins…

…and a small sewing kit. Can I bring that in the con?

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