Dance with Devils, the Musical! <3


“It’s a secret that only you and I will know…”


Or perhaps not! The Dance with Devils (anime description at link) musical opened in 2016 with a cast that seems at a glance perfectly fitting for their respective roles! (I am GEEKING OUT over that promo video above.) I seriously know nothing about these people other than the brief clips I’ve seen of their performances online, which are hard to come by, but how about I get you about as caught up to speed as I am? *shouts off into the distance* Hey, can we get some head shots over here of our main-est of main cast!?

Kaminaga Keisuke –Ren

Image result for Kaminaga Keisuke

Image result for Keisuke Kaminaga as Rem Kaginuki

Hiramaki Jin –Lindo 

(I am happily married, but can we all agree that he’s bae? He’s bae, right??)

Image result for Hiramaki Jin

Image result for Keisuke Kaminaga as Rem Kaginuki

Sakiyama Tsubasa –Urie

Image result for Sakiyama Tsubasa

Image result for Tsubasa Sakiyama as Urie Sogami

Yoshioka Yu –Mage

Image result for Yoshioka Yu

Image result for Tsubasa Sakiyama as Urie Sogami

Yasukawa Junpei –Shiki

Image result for Yasukawa Junpei

Image result for Taiki Naitō as Roen


Naito Taiki –Roen

Image result for Naito Taiki

Image result for Taiki Naitō as Roen

Daiki Ise

Image result for Daiki Ise jek

The play ran in Tokyo from March 3-13, 2016 and held a total of 14 performances, portions of which are hard to find online (at least for me). In any case, I’ve included the few clips that I was able to dig up below. (^^)




Apparently, there were a few new characters added to the cast in the form of Misters Noel and Holland. Who they are to the plot, I couldn’t tell you. It’s times like these that I wish I could read/ speak Japanese and/or buy subtitled DVDs of stage plays.

(…Wait…Can I? *off to the official website* …Can’t find the official website…)

Anyway, here’s hoping that things like this production eventually make their way west…in English…. Yeah, sure, I’m delusional, I know. 😛

Well, I’m off to do homework, as hard as it is to stop geeking out about all things Dance with Devils! Until next time!



6 thoughts on “Dance with Devils, the Musical! <3

  1. If you’re interested to download this as well as Da Capo (the second musical which ran Dec 2016), I can direct you to the people sharing the links of their copies. 🙂 There are currently no subs for these musicals tho. English subs for stage plays are difficult to come by unless the fandom’s really big and there are some fans who are willing to translate the whole play, like with Prince of Tennis and Touken Ranbu musicals.

    Also, they don’t sell English subtitled DVDs for these. Sad, but the most that we can do now is study the language so as to make sense/understand what they’re talking about. (I’m just glad that in Daiya no A stages, most of their lines are the same as in the original source so I could understand what’s happening/what they’re talking about.)

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  2. That looks very cool, though I think Ren is probably the one who least fits the role. The others all look pretty perfect compared to the anime. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. This looks very fun! What could be more perfect than a stage play of an anime which was already a musical! The clips you’ve shown also seem to have a great energy and a fantastic cast.

    Musical stage plays in general seem to be this really jealously guarded thing where it’s hard to come by recordings (the best success I’ve had seems to be watching amateur high school productions on Youtube, though this doesn’t work if the show is very new or not something suitable for a high school to produce). This is a source of constant frustration for me as someone whose health basically prevents me from going out to see things at present even if I had the unlimited funds to do so. Live shows are not cheap too! I’m not sure what it’s like in Japan, but I know among English-speaking creators there’s a certain perception that ‘if you can buy a DVD, you won’t come to see the show live’. Live and on DVD are completely different experiences! I’d feel really good being able to support the creators by watching in the comfort of my own home, but I’d also love an opportunity to see the show live. The energy is totally different.

    So with that in mind, getting a licensed English subtitled version of stage shows is going to be pretty hard! I know that there’s subs for some more mainstream stuff like Bleach, but you’d need a section of the fanbase who both has the capability and willingness to translate and subtitle the show, plus a copy of the stage show itself. Fansubbers themselves are dying out somewhat in this day and age because of the huge amounts of fantastic, speedy, legal streaming options (which are great in my eyes but do have some other consequences), so getting people to sub something which is a bit more niche like this would be hard. I know that my Japanese is good enough to say fumble around a website or pick up the gist of a show, but certainly not nearly good enough to be able to create a translation for others.

    I did a bit more poking for you and it does look like the creators of this show are perhaps a bit more sane (maybe because of its very short run time) and there is a DVD of the stage show, and you can buy it in theory from Japanese Amazon (I say that because a lot of stuff on Japanese Amazon does not directly ship to international addresses). Here’s the official Dance With Devils D.C website and here’s the Amazon listing the URL supposed to look like that?? Here’s hoping my comment doesn’t get flagged for spam). No English subs, but a proper recording is definitely something!

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    1. Thank you! It is indeed definitely something and I’m going to have to look into it!! You are very informed about this topic! Musicals are so great, and I bet it would be fun to watch an anime-inspired musical!

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