Anime OP Covers and English Interpretations! *Male Covers for Fangirls Edition*

SINGERS, GO! ~<3 ~<3 ~<3 ~<3~<3 ~<3


Are you ready for some awesome anime op covers and English translations?  

Below we find today’s YouTube Breakdown of fangirl-worthy male, anime-inspired covers!

Artist: Brandon M

Song: 200% Love (UtaPri)

This English cover is driving me up the wall (in a positive way, I promise!); I adore the way that Brandon M has managed to noticeably capture the personality and vocal presence of each St☆rish member while recording his ONE MAN rendition.

This song became 2000% less comical and vastly more appealing when sung in a language that I can appreciate without subtitle translation. “GIMME, GIMME, GIVE YOUR LOVE, GIMME” is enough to drive any girl crazy, but then you also have to listen to Ren’s voice and try not to die a high quality fangirl death!! And if the classy “Dance, dance, dance,” isn’t enough to have you screaming, I don’t have words for you. ❤

Clearly, this is one of the best solo covers of a group song I’ve encountered!!

Artist: Pellek

Song: Again (FMAB)

Pellek is well-known for his YouTube bad@$$ery, and to hear him is to love him. He’s done several notable anime covers. His heavy metal flair is almost always appreciated, and his voice is phenomenal. On top of that, the man can SING IN JAPANESE like a pro! (^^)v He sounds so amazing~!!

“Kanaeru tame ni  Ikiterundatte  Sakebitaku naru yo  Kikoete imasu ka?”

Artist: Pellek

Song: Zeotrope (Amnesia) 

Back again with another Japanese language favorite is Pellek with his astounding cover of the Amnesia OP. This man has PIPES. His rendition here sounds so soulful and yet so powerful at the same time. ❤

Artist: Brandon M

Song: Sakura Kiss (Ouran High School Host Club)

I had searched for the longest time for a true male cover of Sakura Kiss (as my earliest Ouran Watch Alongs will attest!) and I just so happened to come across this one a few days ago. So many covers simply use computers to alter the original voices, but this one is truly sung and done very well!

Artist: Razzy

Song: Poison Kiss (UtaPri)

Is your heart overheating with this burning feeling? Sadly, this is one of only two covers Razzy ever produced, which is a shame because the man showed so much promise in his short, one man cover of this group number. It’s true that his tones could maybe use a little teeny~ bit of polish (it’s hard to tell; can I be objective when I enjoy it so much?), but the ability to differentiate once voice into multiple is clearly there! This cover shows great promise!! Come back, Razzy! ❤

Do you know of any awesome male covers of anime favoites in English or otherwise? Leave your links in the comments below!

Off I go to sing anime OPs in the shower!



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