Mystic Messenger Hell (Casual Route –Day 9) *first attempt* -Yoosung-

[just assume spoilers from now on]

Dear Anime Compatriots,


That… that was an unexpected tidbit dropped by Yoosung during the last phone call. Man alive. He said it so casually, too! I don’t even know anymore, but this mystery is fabulous, 10/10!!

Things have gotten oh so serious, and Yoo + Seven 5evr has tag teamed the infiltration of the enemy base, leaving the rest of us behind to mildly panic~~ Jaehee’s staying with Jumin, Zen’s staying with Seven, and my MC is staying put like the good voice of reason that she is.

Incidentally, I think I must emphasize my utter shock with the character development I’ve seen for Rika and V. Also, let me classify our cast:

Knew V Was Blinded




Did Not Know




*knew in this route, but neither the details nor extent

When V said that their enemies will soon disappear, I said to my husband, “That’s not ominous.” V is the real OG (opera ghost, obviously). The question remains, what is V trying to protect Rika’s memory from? What did she do or become that lead to this single minded determination?

I will leave you with these and wish you well:

(Yandere Yoosung mode, activated.)

(Omgosh, this escalated so quickly.)

(If I don’t return, donate my fancy potato chips to the Catholic Church!!)

(Christopher Nolan, roflolol)

(I too feel like the puzzle pieces are coming together, Jumin.)

With Love,



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