Mystic Messenger Hell (Casual Route –Day 8) *first attempt* -Yoosung-

[so many spoilers and theories]

Dear Anime Compatriots,

Something tells me that Rika didn’t commit suicide. Something tells me she was murdered. And I don’t know that V was involved, but I know that he knows something about it. Apparently, V said that Rika drown herself in the ocean, but there were no witnesses and no body was found. I’m not saying that V killed her, be he knows far more about what’s going on than meets the eye, and I think that has something to do with the bomb planted at Rika’s apartment. At least Jaehee and Seven take this whole bomb thing with the right amount of weight!! Zen, too, is worried, but he trusts V a great deal more than say Yoosung, so he isn’t outraged like Jaehee. Really, everyone is rightly disgusted by V’s refusal to remove the bomb from Rika’s apartment, and I’m wondering just how far he’d have to go before the rest of RFA (excluding Yoosung who already doubts V) begins to loose faith in his intentions…

However, V *is* calling Seven like 40 times in a few hours for updates, and when Seven accidentally called my MC instead of V, I found out V’s true name! It was in passing, so it would have been easy to miss, but his name has officially been revealed.

*Update, V is calling Seven on average every 11.36 minutes. Omgosh. Sevens all like, “V got Rika with that stalker persistence.” Hahaha!*

I think that Zen is starting to reciprocate Jaehee’s feelings to an extent in this timeline. In addition, Jaehee has grown to really care for Leina. It’s a big deal.

Regarding the threat at my MC’s apartment, Jumin makes me shake my head; he’s like, “Seven won’t put you in danger,” and I’m like, “Boy, I think he’s already done that.”

Anyway, here’s a picture of Yoosung that’s actually pretty adorable.

Also, for some reason, I just want to laugh out loud every time Jaehee exasperated you says:

And, of course, I can’t neglect to mention:

PhD Pepper. You know. It’s a thing.

I guess I should mention the biggest romance related news in that this happened:

And I’m like, “Okay, boy. Sure. The plan is going according to plan.”

Not working while I play this game makes me so much less tired. ❤

So, as the evening progresses, I have seen such an uptick in drama and information, including support for the “Rika may not be dead” theory and this touching, hurtful moment:

As well as this, which Zen’s route has already explained: <\3

Apparently, Jumin (and Jaehee, but probably not, nah, just Jumin) also knew that Rika was mentally ill.

Also, seeing as this is an answer option I can select, I have a feeling bad ending Yoosung would do the kidnapping…

My last chat of the day comes on soon, and I best be ready when it does.

With Love from Mystic Messenger (Not Really) Hell,


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